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Hi guys, hope you're all well. I'm 34 & was diagnosed with RA when I was 22, mainly affected by my right toes & both knees. I had an X Ray on both knees & it's just bone on bone now. They won't give me knee replacements until the disease calms down, as I've been told it's pretty high. I've recently been diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis aswell. My question to you guys is, I've had two steroid injections in both knees about 6 weeks ago... Unfortunately, they've both worn off now, so I'm stuck inside again.. I'm awaiting to be put on a self injection called Enbrel, anyone else been on this? Also, can my consultant give me another lot of steroids in the knees? Even though I had my last lot about 6 weeks ago.. Just until my new drug comes thru. Thanks x

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Enbrel worked for me for 7 years back in 2003 and while it worked it was great with no side effects although I did have more sinus trouble after colds. Usually the consultants don't like to inject joints more than 4 times a year but in some circumstances they will, a couple of times over the years I have had them a month apart. Another option might be a steroid injection in the bum. It seems to take so long between being accepted for a drug and then being able to start it and I have had it sitting in my fridge and the training nurse ringing to say they cannot get there for another fortnight.

I have seronegative inflammatory arthritis which started in my left knee when I was 19 and has gradually spread. I had a knee replacement last year at 48. Farm

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Hi there, i have been on Embrel but didnt get positive results but their are many many people who do although in your case i pressume its to try and prevent further problems elsewhere because it sure wont help your knees if your now bone on bone. I found best reading on Embrel or equivelants on American sites where it seems it has been used for longer than in UK. Very best of luck and i hope you soon have relief from your pain.

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I had a steroid injection in both my knees and it lasted less than 2 weeks in one knee. I rang up and spoke to a nurse as my knee is full of fluid again and I did have it drained again, but that made no difference that time but I was told I had to go 3 months between injections.

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Hi love

Me the same , my RA has ruined both my knees , my knee has been so bad I'm now off sick n have been for 4 weeks now. My knee got so bad that they Injected it 4 times in 3 months .they had to , as I was in unbelievable pain. Had my MRI, waiting results and they are putting me on methotrexate injections rather than the tablets. Whilst your waiting they can do it again, but long term and your only young, it damages the joint, I only allowed it as I was in the worst pain ever. So push them for your meds and if need be and the pain is that bad, may be worth getting another injection, but get all the information on how it effects the joint. But for me , I didn't care, just wanted rid of the pain.

Good luck

Dee xxx

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Enbrel was like a miracle for me. I was diagnosed in 2001 and after a year of pain and stiffness in all joints I was improved beyond measure after 48 hours. I never had any side effects, a bit of a rash in the injection area to start with but that settled down. I had to stop another drug a year ago and things went a bit hay wire after that. I'm now on a different biological which seems to be working in some areas but not others.

I hope Enbrel works for you, then you can get your knee replacements

Thinking of you and wishing you all the very best

Michele x

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I was also diagnosed young, 27 in fact with RA and fibro and also some osteo.

I eventually, after many steroid injections and too many pills to name went onto Tnf therapy. My first Tnf drug back in 2001 was Enbrel and it was amazing!!

It helped the RA immensely 😃 I have heard that it doesn't work for everyone as I know we're all different but for me it was very good and j wish you every success going into it. No Tnf drug is without risk but I'm sure you've discussed all of that with your rheumatologist.

Sadly I had to stop my Enbrel for surgery and after some allergic reactions after surgery and a looooong delay (a year) getting back on treatment my Enbrel was deemed to suddenly be ineffective :-( sad day for me that was.

I've had 3 Tnf drugs so far, Enbrel, cimzia (didn't agree with me at all) and now Abatacept. Enbrel was by far my favourite.

As for the steroid injections, I know they're reluctant to do them too frequently, they were with me too but like you, the effectiveness didn't last long enough for me.

I really hope your Enbrel comes through soon and that it works really well for you.

Good luck and hopefully you'll soon be feeling much better :-) X


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