A trip to my lovely dentist 😊

Well...that was a very informative visit! Teeth fine, a routine appointment, xrays done...tick. Then we started chatting about myrheumatoid arthritis.

1. Budget for yearly hygenist visit

2. Buy an electric toothbrush : Oral B 2000 is sufficient with a simple round brush. It needs to rotate, oscillate and pulsate.

3. Use a gEl toothpaste as the white ones have an ingredient which might be detrimental to my gums in time.

Thought I'd share ☺


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6 Replies

  • That's useful.

    One thing I find tricky with dentist is coordinating it with rituximab infusions to allow a suitable gap. I gather it's even more difficult for people with osteoporosis

  • It's only a problem with osteoporosis and bisphosphonates, and rituximab if having an extraction done. You can still visit a dentist for any other work and check ups

  • Interesting,i already use a battery operated one anyway. My dentist just charged me £54.90 for a filling that had to be replaced because i had one toffee yesterday.xxxx

  • Ouch! Hope the toffee was worth it😆

  • Note to oneself: Put the blinkin' toothbrush in your mouth before turning it on!!😂

  • Hi Moomin8.

    Interesting about the white toothpaste. Never heard that before

    Beverley (NRAS Helpline)

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