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Dinner in a lovely place

Hi everybody,

I havoe been thinking for quite a while to organise a Dinner Party in a lovely and accessible restaurant where the ones who would like to appear as an opportunity to exchange experiences and probably make new friends.

I believe that being well organised it would be an event with positive outcome.

Can you imagine to have a lovely meal with people who understands each other, not being judged by our physicall problems or needs.

A good experience that I believe it would be.

Let me know if you like the idea.

Keep smile...


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Great idea, but where would it be held to be easy to get to for people just for a dinner? How about a weekend or an overnight at a nice hotel? maybe if enough people interested we could get a good deal from a hotel group?


Just read your bio Theresa and see you fish!! So do I (coarse fishing).


good idea . i am not eating eels though ..


Great idea im up for this idea had thought about doing something myself this year for xmas but my families health and my own put paid to the idea I have a great Holiday Inn in the cheltenham , Gloucester area. with lots of ground floor rooms in easy access of M5 and train stations( short taxi ride) they have a large jacuzzi, a pool, steam rooms and sauna and are used to disabled visitors some severally disabled people use the pool this is the "gym" where I attend.

Geographically we are from a wide area scotland to cornwall not to mention our overseas members.

Was also wondering if birmingham area would be most geograpically fair? central england?


ps I can already get rooms for £42.50 a night(per room) with breakfast but could probably get much cheaper for large group


I like this idea. Perhaps it will include our other halves as well. xx


midlands sounds good .


Count. ME IN.............:-)


Lovely idea x


It'd probably be best to arrange something like this on a local basis - Birmingham is a very long way to come if you live, say in Orkney! For a wonderful experience and a not too expensive lunch menu, I'd recommend going really upmarket in Edinburgh and go to the Kitchen in Leith. Completely accessible and a good atmosphere. I got taken there for my birthday and (given that we didnt do alcohol because of methotrexate) it wasnt ridiculously expensive.


I'm happy to see that the idea of a meeting for a evening or even weekend is well received.

Christmas is a beautiful season, however I believe that is a family thing.

I think that we need to know where the majority of us live and take it from the result. I'm happy to drive and my car take 5 of us. To organise such event, for obvious reasons we need to compromise.

Where is a will, is a way. Therefore, two or three of us can do some search to find out what is around and affordable to all.

We'll bring our results to the site and then in democracy we vote (choose) which one will be.

I'd like to make clear that the event may be after this eason.

What do you think?



skip just one evening meal ,, why not really go for ... with a full weekend away .. NRAS on tour ,, edinburgh, york, london, devon , lake district , cotswolds , its just what we all need .. members near the city or town , chip in with the planning .. makes sense with traveling for some , would seem along way to go for just a meal out .. but a weekend away may just be worth the traveling .. really would take alot of planning tho ..

what do you think ?? would it / could it work ?


Think we could do some thing in the new year?. a whole weekend might be too much for some people? perhaps chat more after christmas


That's what I suggested (a weekend away) Andy. Bit difficult if, like me, you live just north of London to pop out for an evening meal in Edinburgh (Cathie.lol). So lets get some venues & prices and see what the consensus is. And I would be up for a RUBY Andy:-)


yea !! i think its a good idea .. looking at this thread we`re not the only 1s .. looks like some interest ,, i agree its not the right time of season to try arrange something .. just yet .. plus.. needs a new thread now because this one isnt seen any more .. p.s

.. london to edinburgh is a long way to go ,, for a RUBY .. (lol)

NRAS on TOUR .... 2013 ... :)


I'm very happy to see that the idea has bring to some of us a good and positive reation, however, I would like that more people to come forward with the wish to do it.

The idea of a weekend away is great and why not.

Obviously, that it is quite hard or impossible to satisfy everybody at the same time and we actually could organize a group in London, other in Manchester or Cardiff or Oxford, it doesn't matter. The important thing that matters is to do the dinner or weekend (maybe is better) in one city, then in another and so on.

More people need to come forward to make it all happen and of course that is more than welcome that the ones who have a partner to bring as well.

No doubt that we need others support.

How to get it , to make this blog to reach a lot of people?

How? When, I think that we must let this season pass and after, then try to win people support and involvement.

Have a peaceful night and a great week.



Afer the New Year Im happy to organise a weekend break that will geographically be suitable for people able to access the cotswolds/ south midlands/ south west area



sounds good alison ... i could do ,, a historical weekend away in york ... museums ,, meal out ,, even a ghost walk tour ,, did you know york is the most haunted city in the world ?? viking museum.. bettys famous tea rooms ... tea and cake :)


count me in :))))


I want to come to york I have been looking at short breaks there for next year


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