Having a lovely GP: making all the difference!

I visited my GP today, having been reminded of a pain relief review. What a lovely visit I had! I don't know how everyone else feels, but I often consider myself fortunate in whom I get most of my care from (shared care agreement, so my GP sees to all analgesia). I am very fortunate in having a wonderful service, my GP always sits back & listens to me.

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  • I get great Gp service too xx

    Pharmacists can also do pain relief review (mur) medicences use review.

    One of the Gps is particularly good.. ie we discuss my pain relief etc together, and I one stage he was even looking at trying to get my hosp treatment transferred to a different county.. this was much earlier in my illness.

  • I am lucky to have a fantastic gp as well Andrea. She is brilliant, so so good at her job and committed to her patients. Unfortunately we all think so cos there is such a waiting list to see her but she is such a gem. My rheummy team are really good as well i think although at the minute i am lost in their system but talking about great medical staff....today i went to my physio appointment and my young male physio couldn't do an awful lot cos of too much inflammation and pain, when i told him i was in between drugs and hadn't got a next appointment with the consultant he said he would chase things up and try to get me on to a pain clinic and find out when i start my next drugs. Great guy.

  • I am off to see my GP this morning and now actually look forward to my appointments instead of dreading them.

    She makes time to listen, treats me as an 'expert patient' but isn't backward in challenging me if she thinks I am not doing things as I should. Having someone listen makes such a difference when fighting all the effects of this disease.

    I know I am one of the lucky ones in this regard, it took me 15 years to find her but she has restored my faith.

  • My GP is absolutely fantastic. Don't know where I would be without him - well I do - I don't think i would be here as couple of years ago I really was desparate and just wanted to give up but he didn't give up on me. Now when I go it's like visiting a friend - yet he tells me off if he needs to if I'm doing too much! I dread if ever we have to move home as I'm sure we wouldn't get a suitable place still in his practice area so I must hold out here as long as possible!

  • You are all so lucky. My GP although good at first now seems to cringe when I go in to see her. She has just recently gone from part time to full time to take over a partner who has left and she has no time now. She just makes me feel like I am wasting her time! Time to look around again? I don;t know.

    ....... I'll get my coat shall I?

    Julie x

  • Hi Julie,

    You can find out if there is a gp with a special interest in rheumatology in your area. If you look at surgery websites you often find the info there - you used to be able to find out from the PCT but I'm aware that they're already being/ have been disbanded in some areas.

    Cece x

  • Thanks Cece, this is very helpful. It will get on it. -)

    Julie xx

  • oh dear Julie - that's really sad when your GP reacts that way towards you so unfair - doesn't make you feel good at all. Perhaps she's not very confident or knowledgeable/expert with RA and it scares her?? Not trying to excuse her in any way but my previous GP admitted that was why she didn't like seeing me.......... Shame you can't swap to my GP practice in Okehampton as they're all fab. I would look around again - I'm sure you'll find someone who's more understanding to treat you with more respect x

  • Hi Kezza - only just realised you are just "down the road" from me, but a bit too far for the GP methinks! :-). I shall be looking around but only two surgeries in this area. Of course there is always the possibility I am a hypochondriac???

    Julie x

  • I have a great gp, we have a practise of about 6 gps and we can see any of them, but i tend to stick to my doc. He doesn't bullshit you which is nice, and he knows me and my disease well. We tend to have a laugh sometimes. I only go to one chemist as like the gp he knows me and my family well. He will tell us if a medicine doesn't suit with what we are taking.

    Its thanks to my rheumy nurse that i got a diagnosis for fibro, she saw something that the doc didn't.

    Take care sylvia. xx

  • I tend to stick with just the one, Sylvi. There's 4 terrific GPs, but I tend to go for the one that originally not only diagnosed me, but got me a consultant appointment within two weeks of my visit. I originally found this fella very serious & austere, but as time has gone on, I've realised what a lovely man he is & have a joke with him. It's a bonus that he used to specialise in rheumatology, so knows all the little blips. Having said that, I'm a bit of a GP 'tart', and will see just anyone if needs must.

  • my practicise is large and had two that used to specialise in rheumatology.. it was a female gp.. who also does a loy of gynae stuff that referred me.. there are several great Gps at my practise xx

  • I also have a very good GP who has time to listen and who takes an interest in RA and its effects. We also had a bone doctor at our surgery but unfortunately he is leaving soon and don't know if the new doctor will specialise in bones or not.

    The only thing my GP gets concerned about are the steroid injections and the effect on my bones - she does worry about it so even though my last bone scan showed an improvement.

    She is also good for a laugh as well which helps the appt go smoothly.

    Sorry to hear Julie that your GP is so unsympathetic. Perhaps you should get him the NRAS booklet on RA to read! Lol. LavendarLady

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