Painful swollen legs

I know I am always asking about my legs but I seem to be getting no where. I have been suffering with fluid on my knees all summer. I have had them drained twice and the third time the nurse couldn't get any out although said if she were the Dr he would go in where the fluid was but she wasn't going to do that. A junior Dr drained them and said that it was not caused by my RA. Other nurses have said it is and a health care at home nurse said it wasn't. My own gp didn't think there was fluid there but a few days later I had two lots drawn off one knee and one off the other. My problem now is that my top part of my legs are so painful when I walk and you can see the fluid hang over the knees. When the junior Dr drained my knees he tried to massage it out of my legs towards my knees. I am wondering if the knees are the problem or the legs. How can fluid on the knees affect all the top part of the leg. I asked my gp for water tablets and she said that it wasn't the right type of fluid for those. I find that no one seems to want to try anything or give a reason for why I am having this problem. Has anyone had a similar problem?

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  • If it were me I would be nagging my GP for an answer I think. Without a diagnosis how can you have treatment which is correct?

  • I have an appointment Thursday with her but I'm sure she will say she doesn't know. Her answer seems to be to ask the rheumatologist as he is the expert. I saw one two weeks ago and he rushed the appointment and I had exactly 15 mins which wasn't enough. I asked why my legs are so weak and he didn't know.He also wouldn't tell me the result of my knee x rays as he said there wasn't time. My gp couldn't get on the hospital site to see then either. I asked the rheumy if there was any way of knowing if I have vasculitis and he said I could have a blood test. They sent the results and one was positive. I rang my Dr but she said she didn't know the rheumatolgical terms for them. I rang the rheumy nurse but she said the Dr would probably wait until my next appointment to explain them, that isn't until March. however she did say she would ask him to write to me but I'm still waiting. I feel I get palmed off and ignored by everyone. I was just told to take what steroids I need with my Benapali but I don't know if raising them will help my legs at all.

  • I know it's a bit drastic.....but on a day your legs/knees are really bad why don't you go to A&E? After all it is an Emergency!

    You are being given the runaround....the rheumatologist telling you "there wasn't time " was unforgivable (& very unprofessional). And your GP saying she "didn't know the right rheumalogical terms" is just lazy!

    She has a pc.....look it up, for goodness sake!

    A&E do have cover for every eventuality & when you hear of the daft reasons some people use , you are certainly within their remit.

    Your condition sounds unbearable...I do hope you soon get some relief.


  • I had thought of that but on occasions when I have had to go it is a day just spent hanging around. I have a dog and we only leave him three hours at the most. Every one who could look after him works. My husband has had so much time off going with me to appointments that I don't feel like asking him to take more time off. We would probably be sent to rheumatology anyway. I am seeing my doctor tomorrow and asking if there is another department at the hospital that deals with legs like mine, I can't be the only person to have legs like mine.

  • Oh dear really do need help

    Do you know if you have a minor injuries unit at your hospital?

    I have popped in there on occasion & it's usually's staffed by a couple of nurses who might be able to direct you to somewhere that can help you.

    Do let us all know how you get on.

  • No we don't have one of those. I will see what my doctor has to say tomorrow. I just wondered if anyone suffers with anything similar.I will keep you informed, thanks for your help.

  • I saw my doctor this morning and she seems to think my legs are like they are because of being on steroids so long. Also I have a cyst behind my knee which has got to be drained. I didn't know about the cyst but it was in a letter to my doctor.

  • Have you thought about writing to your rheumatologist? If you explain the problem and include photos of your knees, they should be able to tell you what is happening or arrange for you to be seen. I think the NHS have a rule that the consultants have to reply to patients' letters within 3 weeks. A person I know said that she got more information about her condition by writing to the consultant than she had in years of going to appointments.

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