Knee replacement causing problems

I had my left knee replace 3 years ago & it is still causing me a lot of problems, I'm still unable to walk properly on it. I had my other knee replaced 10 years a go which has been successful so I know what to expect. Although I do have other health issues as well.

I have great movement in the knee but am unable to walk properly, I either walk with my knee slightly bent or locked in position. The knee doesn't feel very stable, I've been exercising it according to my physio's recommendation but they haven't helped.

As anyone else had problems with their replaced knee & if so what happened?

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  • Hi, I'm sorry to hear about your knee, particularly because your first experience seemed so positive.

    I had simultaneous bilateral total knee replacements ( both knees done together) last year and thankfully, mine have been great. The only issue and it's a little one, is that me knees make a noise when bending/ straightening , kind of like the tin man and very very occasionally, my left knee will buckle unexpectedly.

    I really hope that you are able to get something sorted as it seems a real pity not to be able to use it to its full potential and reap the benefits of that.

  • Are you knock kneed, also was the same surgeon did both knees. My right knee was replaced and i had to have it redone two years later because i was knock kneed. I didn't have a long leg x-ray done so they didn't know iwas knock kneed. Ask for a second opinion and x-rays as well and keep pressing until someone listens to you and is done.xxxxxx

  • No Not knock kneed - it feels as though some of the ligaments are not connected. The xray shows that the joint is in the right position.

  • I talked to a friend last night who reported that his half-knee replacements had been "best thing ever" for him. He commented that 1/2 knee replacements are better than full ones & cause less problems.

  • I had bilateral partial knee replacements. I had huge problems with knee locking and several bakers cysts.

    Still have some stiffness, but I reckon that's inflammatory.

  • Hi I had this problem for a while. My problem was bakers cysts. My knee would lock (agonising) then the cyst would burst zany I got bruising all up my calf.

    Does it hurt at the back of your knee? Can you feel s lump?

  • Yes it does hurt at the back of the knee - there is some slight swelling but not sure if it's a bakers cyst.

  • Could be? I never had bakers cysts before the operation. It flared up six months after op. It happened to each knee separately. I ended up in casualty, and was transferred to Ortho hospital.

    Initial thought was dvt, then infection. Thankfully neither!

    Seems to be better now. Has improved with exercise, or maybe the steroids helped. Who knows.

    Have you been to doc?

  • No not yet - I'm already on steroids for another condition.

  • Well hope you get some answers soon.

  • Hi, I am also like You had my right knee done first everything went fine had the second one done and it's been one hard old road -physio has not improved it but I keep at it hoping??? Been back to the surgeon a couple of times-he is baffled next thing is a scope and a MRI hoping they will fine something.Hope things work out for you-for both of us!

  • That sounds like me - I've been doing regular physio & hydrotherapy with little improvement!

  • I am hoping one of tests shows something-will let you know.Take Care~~~

  • I think I'm going to have to ask for it to be reviewed, not sure whether to go back to the original surgeon or ask for another opinion.

  • That is a good point.I going to my original surgeon but if I am not satisfied I am going to get a second opinion for sure I don't what to be like this the rest of my life.

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