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On May 5th I had my other knee replaced.. It is still quite swollen and sore. I have been having a sleeve of iced water wrapped round three times a day, an hour each time. I have had the clips removed and the scar looks fine. Am I being too impatient? Anyone else had this problem? I don't remember the first knee, done last year, taking so long.


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  • When I had my left TKR the surgeon told me it doesn't matter how well you perform the actual surgery, they are all different afterwards.

    If you are worried contact your GP and ask their opinion. Is it hot and red? Do you think there's any chance of infection?

    If not I'm almost certain that it will just be taking time to settle down, but I'm not a doctor.

    Mine was amazingly quick to settle, but if I need the other one doing I'll be amazed if it's as quick.


  • Thank you for reply Abe. I am due to see the consultant who did the op on Thursday so I'll wait until then. I always feel my GP is totally disinterested!

  • They're the person to ask. Your GP shouldn't be disinterested if there is a problem, but as long as it isn't infected waiting for your consultant, as it is only a few days, would seem the best option.


  • My second knee replacement was more bruised and swollen than the first. How is yours moving? I was told at the post op that it can take a year for the muscles to knit back. And that it's not uncommon for feet to be swollen as mine are. I'm told keep moving but don't overdo it.

  • Thank you Cathie for your reply. I think I am just being impatient! I am told by the physio that my bending is good at 90 degrees but sometimes it is very painful and I find it difficult to walk with a stick.

  • 90 degree bending after 1 month sounds ok to me. Mine was stiff for some time but not really painful to walk on.

    Now I wouldn't know I'd had it done, no stiffness or pain at all. Only sign is the nice stripe running down my knee!


  • I think our mind plays tricks on us and we don't remember all the fine details of pain etc. I had a TKR 14 months ago and trying to remember where I was at one month and really cannot remember pain/swelling except I was non weighting bearing for 6 weeks because of a hair line fracture when the replacement was put on. Possibly because your other knee is now 'good' you are pushing a lot more than you did the first time around when the opposite knee was rubbish as well. Farm

  • Thank you for the reply, farm123' I have been weight bearing from the day after the op. Out of bed and walking with a frame! I can't remember about my other knee either although it was only a year ago. With my first knee it was on the same leg as a broken and pinned femer. The second knee was apparently worse.

  • Hi Magnolia,

    I don't know if this will help but below is a link to ARUK's information on knee replacement surgery:


    Beverley (NRAS Helpline)

  • Thank youNeberley,for your reply. I will have a look

  • Thank you Beverley for your reply. I will have a look

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