12 days on since knee replaement

hi all its 12 days on and I seem to be struggling real bad and getting really depressed

I don't seem to be getting anywhere, I get my knee to bend doing exercises then next morning all stiff and back to beginning again approx. 70 degrees only

I see physio tomorrow and I don't think they are going to be happy, its not through lack of trying ,I'm putting myself in agony sometimes but seem to be stuck in a tunnel

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  • So sorry to hear this Derek. Don't get too disheartened as I'm sure your hard work will pay off soon and you will be more mobile.

    It's still early days.

    Wishing you best wishes.

  • thank you

  • Derek, don't give up. It honestly took me about 4/5 weeks to

    Comfortably get a 90 bend on both knees.

    Please give yourself this time. The amount of healing that's taking place under the skin, so to speak, is just huge!

    Keep going with the icing, pain made and physio and I promise, you will get there.

    Be kind to yourself and keep your chin up.


  • thank you

  • Yes Derek don't be to hard on yourself time is a great healer and you will get there keep chin up

  • thank you

  • When I went to my six months appointment the nurse told me not to push myself more than I was comfortable with. I think I was still using a rollator because it had a seat. A few months on and there has been quite a lot of progress. We all have our recovery times and those small exercises you say you're doing will help you recover more quickly. Good luck and dont despair.

  • Hi Derek2210 I go for mine on Feb 14th. What a Valentine Day gift. Did you do physical therapy before your knee replacement?

  • i did but I have poor quads due to a patellectomy several years ago

  • Poor you. I wonder if hot baths first thing in the morning will help loosen you up along with Celebrex?

  • no chance of getting in a bath

  • How about wrapping a heating pad around it before getting out of bed along with your stretch exercises?

  • You'll get there Derek. Hang on in there.

  • Hi I am post op too from rotator cuff repair to left shoulder. It's been like putting my nerve endings through a cheese grater. I start physio on Friday, sometimes feels like I am being tortured on top of everything else I have. Have to be in a sling for 3 more weeks, had my sutures out yesterday. I hope you go on ok, you will be extra stiff. I got very down on my 8th day and just wanted someone to shoot me. Feel a little better now but it is a long road ahead 👍X

  • Derek i have been following your progress and i would say you have done amazingly well to get where you are. Please remember that swelling after an op can take months to fully go and that alone will cause restricted movement. It is always better to take small steps forward than 3 forward and 2 back. I hope your physioterrorist has good things to say and keeps you on a good path to recovery.


  • Physioterrorist! Love it. My Dad was a physiotherapist and I always reckoned they were all bullying sadists.

  • It was a rural (ish) hospital i went to and the physioterrorist told me she would deliberately go round the car park twice in the morning because the satisfying crunch and squeel of baby rabbits under her tyres got her in the mood for the day.

  • Naughty man! I think that might be a fun. Hugs

  • Stupid auto carrot. *Fib

  • I was exactly the same as you Derek left hospital with a 88 degree bend (and that was pushing it!!) Did what I could as I found it so tough due to the swelling behind my knee and of my calf. At two and a half weeks I saw an assessment Physio - bend was now 70. Went home very fed up indeed as Physio chap wasn't pleasant at all. Went back 2 weeks later after teeth gritting exercises and a lot of yelling at home. Result - bend 75 - he then put me forward to Physio class - I think he must have had a Charsima By-pass since I last saw him!!!

    When I got to the Physio class I found 8 out of the 10 of them were the same if not worse than me - but they were all 2-3 weeks ahead of me, so I didn't feel so bad and the woman Physio told me that I was not to push it to far and I was doing okay considering the swelling as thatwould restrict me somewhat!!!! One poor chap had 90 degree bend in both knees, but he couldn't straighten them, plus he came to class by push bike!! So all that beating myself up and feeling a total failure was for nothing.

    It is now 7 weeks since my operation Derek and I still have a fat foot even though I make sure it is raised as and when I can in the day and really raised at night with 3 staggered pillows from just below my knee. Also icing it with a packet of peas in a pillowcase after exercise.

    I see the consultant in 3 weeks time, so it will be interesting to see what he says. I have to say though, I have a nice neat scar. So before I see him I will be doing what I can to get this dreaded bend. Because, I want the other knee done - glutten for punishment or what eh Derek!? So patience young man and keep doing what you can as frustrating as it is.

    Big hugs xxxx

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