5 days left and a wonderful charity

Hi, well I got a call from Jenny , one of the stewards from Attitude is Everything a charity which helps deaf and disabled people with access to live music.

Her and her husband have taken my heavy tent, airbeds, chairs, sleeping bags in their car to the disabled site at Glasto to save me , a bit!, and Katy a lot, carrying them to the train station then the coach etc etc. just proves the stewards from Attitude are the best.

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  • I think you need a few bags to weigh you down as otherwise you're going to get so excited that you'll float away....! Or burst! Px

  • Yep but hope to float my way through the whole thing! Isn't that good of them though! Some lovely people go to Glasto!

  • Sounds a great charity x

  • It is, you can look up their website or Facebook page. They also do help for concerts halls eg O2, Sage, Manchester arena etc, so one day you might want to get their help too. Xx

  • As is NRAS of course!

  • Allanah that is so brilliant, isn't it just so good to know that so many people out there are really giving and extremely nice and all to willing to help.

    Looking forward to hearing all the craic, do you think the rolling stones will be the highlight or will some other unknown get the glory. I do feel envious of you but I just need to get my act together and then I will be joining you, not sure about the tent though - how do you manage to get up?

    I hope that you get a good dry spell, it will be fantastic.

  • Yes , it's only because I could only get a coach ticket package. Normally you drive into the disabled site, put up your tent with the volunteers and then drive the car just outside that field. But cos I have to get things to the coach and get a train to Newcastle first there would be equipment to get there for leaving at 10 am. So someone who got ordinary tickets r taking there car to the disabled site so very very kindly are taking my heavy stuff. It's something I will bring up with attitude as it causes difficulties in a way!

    At the last few festivals I have been at , yes the big stages r always good , but it's he unexpected things that happen, seeing musicians at dawn at the stones on the hill, frank Ferdinand just handing out their artwork, a ho down in a makeshift barn with the magic numbers getting up, the kings arms pub with karaoke, guy Garvey from elbow sang. Finding a full adult size nest, so we all got in a laid in the sun...it was so comfy! Being in a tent and hearing everyone passing on Michael Jackson has died and going to the stages where they were already holding vigils. Going to shangila and seeing a mermaid in a tank. Going to the pussy parlour and seeing amazing circus acts. The fire and amazing machines at night , the little tractor you go on where they give u bubbles and you sing ! Thes nd thousand more happy memories. You could go to glasto and never go near a stage and still be busy. Tea on Sunday morning waiting on the Sunday legend artist.

    So ye get sorted and when registration opens get registered and we can all go on the site together! And it's 4 days now!!

  • Looking forward to hearing all about your weekend and i know you will have a good time. Hats off to those lovely people who are enabling you to go and enjoy yourself.xxx

  • Great aren't they, cheers x

  • Oh I can't wait to look at tv footage and imagine you there rocking your socks off Allanah. Give it as much welly as you are able for all of us please! My sisters are both profoundly deaf so any charity helping deaf people gets my vote. Serioysly deaf people like my sisters, as opposed to partially hearing people, wouldn't get much from being at a rock festival probably but its nice to know those who have some lesser degree of hearing loss might be able to GP and have a ball! Tilda x

  • Think bout glasto is there are 25 miles of visual arts, circus, cinema, trees, hills, healing fields, shops, tea rooms, art installations, bus rides, it's truly un believable. There is actually loads for anyone, you don't even need to go to the stages.

  • Oops spell check issues with iphone again sorry Allanah - where did GP spring up from I wonder?! My sisters do get a lot of culture anyway and both work full time - one with two kids - so couldn't get away anyhow but as I say it's nice that people who are deaf are considered too. I will tell them as they might be able to enjoy a trip meet us there one year when my own boys are all off and away.

    The older of the two has just arrived in Chicago for a world deaf conference there that her work place has sent her to (she's a teacher of BSL in a large school in North London). She was so nervous about going on her own as a profoundly deaf person but my niece phoned Sainsury's and asked if my hearing nephew could get some paid leave from his new job with customer services to attend it with her as her carer. And they said yes and are helping him out in other ways too (he has learning problems) so gold stars to Sainsburys I think.

    That sister of mine is now wowing the deaf community of Chicago and beyond I have no doubt! xx

  • Ooh maybe I will b log a bit !!! Lol,!! Well loads probably xxxxx ye it restores your faith in human kind when u go, cos everyone is happy and wants a good time, there are lots of families, everyone is kind, it's rare to hear of trouble there. Although with 180.000 people you might hear of one thing! There is a look after and love each other feeling, if one is down we all pick them up!! Xx

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