Hiya all!!

Well Auntie died, I am packing at the moment to go to Scotland tonight for the funeral tomorrow. Mum in law now installed with carers four times a day, and people to take her on days out. Katy starting the final revision push for baccalaureate exams in May/June . Still got heavy snow here so will be hard till we get to the main roads.

I have had a worse flaring session but Sunday there was a caravan show here so my oh and his friends and kids all decided to go. So caravan one they pushed and pulled me up the stairs, no mean feat for me , to turn around and promptly fall out. Iron stairs and me went flying face first, large bottom in the air, crutches flying, into the next van! So ice packs and hospital visit to check my foot, ankle, knee and worse my recently operated neck! And amazingly everything seems ok, nothing broken, sprained only, and he said it might take up to six weeks to recover! But he kept saying,so you were in a caravan, I said yes, you fell out the door? Yes, what time? 4 pm? You live in Stokesley? Yes? It then dawned on me he was making assumptions that I lived in our local gypsy site, had been drunk and fallen out of the caravan!!!

I was angry at this I don't know if it was racist or anti gypsy or what! I said no I am disabled and find it impossible to do steps, and was at a caravan Show! His face changed immediately and he started to laugh, that really annoyed me. Anyway he said something interesting when I said I had RA, he said that would make the pain of a strain worse. Has anyone else heard this.? Oh well never rains but it pours in this house, my friends are all killing themselves laughing saying, it could only happen to you! Hee Hee.

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  • Poor you. Hope your journey goes well.

  • Nah, just clumsy me !!

  • With any fall you will suffer more allanah,i hope you soon feel better and i am sorry about the loss of your aunt. I can just see you going a pealer and i bet afterwards you had a laugh about it.

    You take care alannah and for when you drive to your aunts funeral.Love sylvia.xxx

  • my hubby driving Sylvie, I am too sore!!

  • I bet you are to sore to travel. Make sure you take plenty of stops Allanah as you don't want to get siffer than you already are. xxxx

  • Hi thats very interesting about a sprain is worse with RA coz i'm always spraining my right foot. I went shopping yesterday notice foot was unhappy while out. I have a very bad habit of ignoring my pain (just pop another pill) Today its bad pain that is feels like i have done bad sprain in fact its up on sofa right now !!!

    Very sorry to hear about your aunts funeral. Hope you get on ok in the snow xx

  • Y I never thought about it before and I suspect thats true cos the swelling and pain looks like a break but its not broken. At least my neck ok i was worried i had done something to the op!! But just funny, my last fall was over a hoover. !!!!

  • Now i think you are going to have to remove all bits and pieces in your house very minimal-list-tick !!!!!!!!!!!x

  • lolxx :)

  • ooh gosh sounds like caravan shows are dangerous places. go for a bb holiday instead xx

  • thinking more the Hilton!! But now i am retired!! No just enjoy being nosey to see whats better than our own van xx

  • wow rich retired person then lol do you think I should go for ill health retirement?

  • lol, that was thinking!!! But retirement stops this xx

  • Sorry to hear your loss hope your not too sore xxx

  • Strangely this might sound awful but its a relief. I went up two weeks ago and got the opportunity to talk to her in the hospice which was lovely, i didnt get that chance with my Dad. And she looked calm but ill so i am glad it didnt drag on for her and her family for too long. thanks xx

  • Best wishes for your journey, I hope that you will feel ok.

  • Thanks xx

  • I did try to picture exactly what happened & the closest I can get is you actually flying from one caravan into another - it does sound very, very funny but that's only 'cos you seem to have escaped serious mishap.

    I've had the prejudice too years ago after the nastiest bug I've ever had got in the way of things like washing for a fortnight, ended up in A&E looking truly dreadful in every way & the doctor treated me like sh*t & was searching my arms for track marks. I was furious too.

    Hope you recover more quickly than anticipated,

    Luce x

  • ye, i was just as if they were being judgemental, i couldn't care who or what i am, but i just seemed wrong!!lol xx

  • so sorry allanah to hear what happened , hope you are not too badly bruised. my condolences on your aunties death and i hope the funeral goes well. Take things easy allanah dont go over doing it you've had a nasty fall there . But you do make me laugh i could just picture you i bet you were laughing afterwards . take care hun safe journey :) Lena xx

  • Sorry to bear about auntie, but next time just take more drink to the caravan show then more people could join you on falling lol.your so funny but hope you do, t suffer anymore than you are already,hugs xxxx

  • sounds like a good idea, red wine and cheese is the norm when we in our own van do you think we could get away with it at an exhibition ?

  • Hi Allanah - that does sound spectacular and hilarious and potentially disastrous - so glad for you that it wasn't! But I know just what you mean about feeling sullied when people make judgements about us based on totally stupid and spurious criteria. We had it in the hospital just now when we nipped into the receiving rooms of A&E after having my hands x-rayed, to see if we could get photos of some of the rooms we are making artwork for. The nurse was pretty rude and stupid and announced that she thought it was a total waste of time us making art because that room had had a mural which was perfectly decent but they had painted over years ago. What was the point, she demanded, of us making more artwork for the walls of a hospital that will be pulled down in five years time? We told her that our artwork would be detachable and easy to clean re infection control and would go into the new hospital when the time came. She looked at us, smiled and shrugged and said "oh well I s'pose that's okay then?" and walked off. The overwhelming impression I got was that artists are a waste of space and that money would be better spent on something else. It's depressing being in public art just now really. We aren't getting much money for it and it's such a lot of work to do to be met by this kind of attitude. So I know just how you feel but although this was inverted snobbery but all the same kind of thing.

    I do hope the funeral goes as well as possible and I'm glad that your aunt no longer has to suffer and you can all remember her well now at least. My aunt died very slowly of cancer over years and I remember feeling relieved by her funeral in Edinburgh because it meant that I didn't have to fear and worry about her being in horrible pain anymore - a year to the day after my dad's.

  • I for one appreciated the art when i was in hospital recently, it made the place look more like home, keep it up. xx

  • Hi, i am sorry to hear of your lose, I really hope things go as well as can be tomorrow,

    Take Care XXX

  • thanks Shirl it was lovely, if a funeral can be lovely, gonna put up a blog xx

  • Allanah, Allanah, WHAT are we going to do with you? Must we tie you down? Heavens No!

    Though it is hard and sad to loose a family member, we all must. For the funeral, some tips: stand back away from the edge of the grave!! Don't even try waLKING ON GRAVEL OR LOOSE STONES. Sorry for caps. Do you walk with a cane,stick, walker? Part of our humour at your story is your very talented way to use words to paint the picture :) For heaven's sake, stay upright!! Love, Lore xxx

  • ye i managed it was a cremation, so thankfully couldnt fall in their!! gonna blog about it xx

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