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has anyone bought an item which was VAT free.

on a previous question i got the webpage

i have been trying to get a craftmatic bed but the company has closed down

adjustamatic do beds but they don't advertise VAT free

this company does remind you that items for disabled people like us are VAT free.

does anyone know other bed makers or chair makers that do VAT free

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Try ebay, when I was searching for a good quality wheelchair many of the companies had VAT free forms to fill in to confirm entitlement.

There's also this company that advertises VAT free, I've not had a look so not sure about their prices.

Beth xx


This company and their other one for riser/recliner chairs are so expensive - I had a rep at the house with a chair and was not very happy with him, the chair - or the exhorbitant prices! Ebay are really good.


Just remember that its not all items for disability that are VAT free, though its great if what you want is. The best way to ensure that you get the VAT exemption is to order through a reputable company that understands VAT exemptions for disability. Sometimes I've found that you have to pay the VAT first and then it gets refunded once they receive and process your exemption form, but they should always tell you what the process is. if they don't mention it then they probably don't do it, though it doesn't hurt to email the company and ask specifically.


I got an adjustable bed from Dreams and they took the vat off it.


sorry, meant to say electric bed that i got in the dreams store


I recently bought some grab rails from an online disability aids supplier - we paid the cost in full and when the package arrived it had a form to fill in and send back (freepost) to reclaim the VAT. We didn't ask for it, it just came with the items. From what I have read, the retailer actually has to have a hard-copy form signed by the person claiming the VAT (or the person buying on their behalf) which is why they can't deduct the VAT straight away on on online or postal order.

As others have said, not all items qualify for VAT refunds so it would be worth asking.



sue ryder take the vat off .



I am looking for a new bed and I had no idea you could request VAT free. Do you just ask the retailer about VAT free or do you have to fill in a form or get your doc to fill out a form. I have a blue badge but haven't claimed for DLA as I am too stressed out with the form and all that goes with it!!!Sorry I cant help you and apologies for writing this on your post but it caught my eye as I have been looking for beds on -line.

thanks x


Its not for every bed though - you will only get VAT off specific products that are designed to be used primarily for disabled people. So you won't get VAT of a luxury bed that is really soft and comfortable for folk with RA, but you probably will get it off an electric adjustable bed. You also don't get VAT of disability products if you don't have a disability (like if you wanted to buy a long reach grabber to pick up litter). Its usually a self declaration thing though, so no proof required.


I signed a form.



You have got me looking now! Is this of any use ? x


i have a blue badge but same as you no dla, is what got me looking. i have also found dreams do it and so does DFS

Reply there website offers local suppliers


Not been on the computer in the last week so that's me just getting this now. Thanks very much, I am off to do some online window shopping! x


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