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DLA .the guilt trip

I've read over and again people on DLA spending their lives afraid to actually go out and enjoy their good days lest anyone should report them for fraudulently claiming DLA... I can empathise with this because I have been there.

Before RA I had a disabling spinal compression and walked with a frame. I tried for DLA and was refused, I appealed and was turned down. I live in close proximity to fradulent claimants and was livid.

I had major surgey on my spine and was cured, but the traum triggerred RA from post op day 2. Once I was diagnosed the hospital suggested I apply for DLA and ask the pensions service to send an advisor to my home to complete the forms, this I did, she was a lovely lady very friendly and helpfull and reassuring. I was duly notified that I had been awarded the higher rate of mobility and care allowance.

I do not feel guilty anymore because the forms were answered with complete honesty. Every question should be answered as if it were you're worst day, and on my worst day I can do nothing for myself either because my hands will not work, or because I cannot walk. So now I enjoy good days head high, remembering of course that a good day may simply mean I managed to do a bit of shopping not a ramble or day by the sea, and when I have a bad day I remind myself, OH yes this is why I was awarded DLA.

DLA forced me into retirement on a reduced pension so DLA is really helpful. I do however really worry that I will lose it either at my two year review or government shake-up because only those who have it understand it and I think it also very much depends on whose desk your application happens to land. So far I have been lucky I have a review in October lets hope the luck holds.


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thank you sue xx


Some of the media coverage and statements by politicians seem to equate disability with not being able/allowed to have any quality of life - this makes me really cross and to avoid talking back to the tv I simply mute these people or switch the set off!

There seems to be a disconnect where claimants are labelled 'scroungers' with no acknowledgement that the majority of claimants have paid NI for years and if they've not been well enough to work at all then this is what their families and the rest of us pay into the system for. If one of my kid-dults became chronically ill I would feel that as a family we had paid sufficient tax and NI as a family for them to be supported by society.

Scaremongering and blaming - statistics about addicts and alcoholics on Incapacity (are they not ill? addictions are in the DSM as disorders) - merely show the cheapness and real colours of those spouting them.

As for those who claim fraudulently (and the reality is that they are a very small percentage) - I'm a great believer in Karma, what goes around, comes around. Don't waste your energy on bitterness about them - we don't have the spare energy to waste.

I hope that NRAS will take the comments from the current poll and use them to highlight the inequality and difficulties faced by those with RA wanting to work / trying to stay in some form of employment. Some of the worst offenders after all seem to be the 'Public' Sector!

Cece x


I have experienced how progressive and aggressive RA can be, having gone from someone that loved all out door activities (including being a long distance runner, bike rides, walking the dogs etc) to someone that can not (on a bad day) wash or dress myself, get up or down stairs, cook; let alone eat due to the pain in my face, and many other things that most people don't even think about. I worked from the day I left education and have never claimed anything before.

I have always said I would not claim DLA as there are,in my opinion, folks out there that are more deserving, but mostly at the back of my mind I've been scared that if others found out that I was claiming they would think I was defrauding the state after all no one can actually see that there is anything wrong with me can they.

On a good day I can maybe manage a small walk or go to the shops for a few essentials and I'm scared that 'big brother' will see this and take away anything that I may be claimed. What they don't know though is that mostly I'm stuck at home and I don't normally go out without my husband for support.

I did make a claim but was told that I do not even fill the specification for lower rate award. After joining this site I have been brave enough to book an appointment with the CAB (this Thursday) to meet with someone that is going to help me fill the forms in, so who knows I may get awarded a small amount which would help so much I have a list as long as my arm as to what I would use the funds for.

I believe there is a lot of negative press regarding DLA awards and most of this is political to try and stop fraudulent claims ( those that don't work but could easily ; oh I would so love to be able to) but what it actually does is scare those that are genuine need, after all those that don't need it don't have any morals do they so it's not going to stop them. If you need help ask for it and fight for it that's what I say :)



Therein lies the problem Sue, and I have to put my hands up here - we think people are thinking what we think ourselves. Boom Boom...

Wouldn't it be wonderful if we lived in a world where we all truly cared for each other and no matter what other people's problems are we could see past the and love them because they are one of us.... tall order.

So I think it;'s like Cece says, we have to learn not to be negative and concentrate on the way we live our lives and learn to love ourselves because it's just not worth wasting the energy those scroungers - because we don't know what is going on and let's hope Karma exists!

Take care Julie xx


Hi Sue, thank you for a great blogg as it explains clearly just how difficult it is when dealing with the DLA. We feel so angry when we are refused and then when we are finally awarded it we feel somewhat guilty!

But we shouldn't feel guilt we deserve it, it's just a shame that the only ones to truly understand this are our fellow sufferers of RA.

We should get on with our life, like Cece said we don't have the energy to worry about what others think of us.

Take care Sue

Mandy xx


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