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How does everyone have there bathroom set up, and what works good? We have a small bathroom and on a small budget, I think I want the bath kept, as I do like a soak. Our bath seems really small, or I'm too big?? I was thinking about getting a shower bath which would have a bit more space for my legs. But I have heard that they are higher than a normal bath, so I worry about getting in and out. I also would like the bathroom to not look like it is "disabled" (not the best word to describe, but that is what is used to sell accessories) I would like it to look modern, as it will be my first ever new bathroom, designed by me. The only thing I have chosen is that I want penny flooring.

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  • Hi, I had a bath also, but last year I felt in it and I broke 5 ribs. So my wife said I am done with it. So now we have a shower, and I wished I had done it before!

    Succes with taling a decision!


  • Oh dear that's a harsh fall, I have fallen a few times to, but not with any broken bones!

  • I've not had a bath for 30 years as my OA knees won't let me, have fallen in the bath. I always shower now but oh I would love a good soak. Your best thing if your are able is go to a show room and try the baths. It might take a few trips but worth it to save an expensive mistake. Good luck x

  • We had a tiny bathroom with a corner bath. It fitted in and looked ok, I didn't really want a corner bath but the plumber who was fitting it said it would look better than a very short bath and he was probably right, and yes, they are a good bit higher than normal.

    Many years later we changed that arrangement and knocked down the internal stud wall between the bathroom and a bedroom and by taking just a couple of feet we were able to get a smallish P shaped bath with a shower at the wide end fitted in. The amount we removed from the bedroom wasn't noticeable but it made a huge difference to the bathroom.

    I couldn't be without a bath but my other half never ever uses it - no he doesn't pong - we've got a shower in a downstairs cloakroom.

  • We are fortunate enough to have a bath and shower but getting out of the bath was to dangerous and risky for me. I have limited grip on my hands and my feet and legs equally have no strength.So unable to pull myself up to standing position

    I miss a soak but love a shower and so grateful we have that option.

    I have tried showers over baths but they limit my independence as I need help to step over the bath side.

    As already suggested have a look at some showrooms and try them out ,think of how you may be in the future and how your needs may change.

    There are some beautiful stylish walk in showers out there which do not look 'disabed'

    Hope you get the bathroom you want.

  • Leave it to a professional to design and in my view go for a shower with self cleaning glass or a wet room. Put slate on the walls and that never needs cleaning either and looks lovely.

  • Measure the size of your bath room. Draw a small plan, explaining where you want every item in the bathroom. Walking shower, handles where ever you need them, lighting remote control, extractor fan with remote control and many other features.

    A pumped shower is good, go for easy cleaning toilet, when you decide on the one go to the bathroom shop and have a sit down to check the height, this is very important!

    I better stop here.

  • Our bath is redundant, it's sunken so even more difficult to get in or out of & my h can't help so it's become a rather large ornament. We use the shower room as it's a big walk in shower, about the length of a bath & that's great because both of us can move about in it, my h has to do my lower half & back for me. I do have a loo support rail, the type that goes round the loo & moveable but I admit I hide it when we have visitors coming! That's one thing I would have if redesigning our bathroom & shower room, spend the extra & have higher loos, I've even found the one I want! All taps are levers & the handles too, we used to have door knobs but I got stuck in the loo once when my h was out because I couldn't turn it so he replaced all our handles with levers. We don't have locks on the doors either which some visitors think weird. The floors & all the walls are tiled, matt not high gloss.

    Have you found something like this to help to design your bathroom?

  • You can get nice tower lever taps which are beautiful designs and not at all disabled looking but they pose no problems to painful hands. We have a bath which we never use, just a walk in shower in what used to be a press. With plenty of hand holds but good looking. And a non slip floor!

  • We have had an Italian shower built in - ie level stone floor, and three tiled walls with it deep enough not to need any form of door. I have a seat in it, and the water pressure is reasonable so it feels quite luxurious. I was always a bath person, but now I prefer a hot shower - especially to get rid of the morning aches.

  • Depends on which joints are worst but I would not recommend having a shower over the bath. Also think about being able to use it safely on your own as much as you do not want a 'disabled' bathroom it would probably be easier to incorporate some things when redoing rather than waiting and none of us are getting any younger. Farm

  • I live alone and the day I couldn't get out of my bath was a turning point! I had to let the water out and managed to cover myself with a towel. It was quite worrying and took over an hour to get out. That was the last straw so I had the bath replaced with a full length shower with a handle on the wall. I also now keep my mobile phone nearby so if I should fall I can reach it.

  • Have your bathroom converted to a wet room, it doesn't have to look like a hospital and even if you can still get in and out of a bath now, it will be useful if you can't use a bath in the future, or have hips/knees replaced etc. Have a higher toilet put in too.

  • Hi we moved down to Essex in may 2015 and knew the bathroom needed up grading. Like you I did not wan it to look disabled plus ours is very small. We have had a large walk in shower it runs the length of the room, there is a good seat I can bring down and two good grab rails. It is so much better I can wash my hair sitting down and other m"pars" of myself which I cannot do standing up. I love it. We also had a wash basin, loo all in one in a unit along the shorter wall and yes it looks really modern.

    If you would like I will try and send a picture ??

    I did think that I would miss my bath and soak BUT I don't I can sit and let the warm water run all over me which helps my joints, good luck go for it.

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  • Thanks. Love your username!

  • If the reply was for me thank you!

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