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Stupid O'clock nonsense.

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I've been up since 3 am with pain in the knee. Got up made a cup of redbush, went back to bed. Got up again, had a hot sea salt bath (sorry neighbours!). Bit of a laugh getting in and out...not!

Went back to bed. Couldn't sleep, so wrote this:


There's a bone in my leg

My arms have them to.

They hold me together

Like a hardened glue.

what would it be like

If I didn't have them?

Like a rubber ball

Would I come bouncing

Back to you.

Yeah I know...sorry! :-)

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Better than me! So sore tonight and just in a bad mood cause I can't cheered me up !

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Nettac in reply to allanah

Sorry for your a sucker isn't it.

We are both going to be cream crackerd tomorrow!

Sea salt bath was nice though. Just had a candle for light. Soothed the soul a bit.

The dog thinks I've gone chuffin mad!

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allanah in reply to Nettac

and the dog might be right

I know the feeling been awake most of the night with the usual aches and pains, got to get up and go to work shortly😩 Hope you have a better day than you have night. X

If only there was a magic pill lol to stop the pain and enable to to rest and sleep properly. Well we can dream, one day who knows x

Brilliant darling.xxxxx

Bad night for me too love.

But you haven.t lost your sence of humour. Ha ha cheered me up too .😁😂🤣😃😄.hope .when the pain and stiffness settles a bit .today .you feel alittle bit better. Xx

Yes nothing worse than not being able to sleep at night, went through it for six months until I was controlled, love the poem xxx

Love the poem. As a poet I'm a good plumber.

Woken by pain in the feet, dog snoring like a walrus, visit to the loo, painkillers, earplugs, bed.

The high life. Not


Previous owners of my house put a spray of glowing paint that kind of looks like a galaxy, and most nights up til 4 am counting "stars"

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Mandy8175 in reply to Mandy8175

On my ceiling lol so tired today!

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