Bathroom ,Bladder and Bash(southwest)

Bathroom ,Bladder and Bash(southwest)

I haven't blogged for ages. been recovering from Nras Lunch and associated extended activities and have been busy at work . was very tired this weekend still.

I'm very excited a young lad came with a bath board and a bath step this afternoon!

any way the step is almost as big as the whole bathroom some i'm using it out side as a step in and out of my small conservatory as it is a big step up and down.. and my mum almost fell up the existing distance sun room when I cooked her sun lunch..after which I

completed and sent off Dla form sun.. but dont expect to be succesful.

My dad is having pre op assessment tomorrow for bladder cancer..(op due july 22nd).

I thinking of holding a possible "bash" I was eying up october but Lyn-w informs me there are some NRAS raise events on in october..

How does a break.. hotel with spa facilites ra/ disabled friendly sound at £44.00 per room B and B) use of spa facilties(free) but beauty treatments/ massages at extra cost approx £25.00 sound?.. Also any one want either 3 course xmas lunch at£15.50 a person this could be a mini pre xmas break(near juntion 11a M5)

nearest train station gloucester (short taxi ride station about £6)Can I have some fed back of level of interest.. peoples budget etc?.. they also offer Xmas evening meal with Dj £20.00 per person... venue Holiday inn Gloucester/ Cheltenham

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  • Hi Summer. Your suggestions sound lovely. I could do with some pampering but don't know if I could drive that far! Sorry to hear about your dad - extra worry for you. I have had two friends diagnosed recently with bladder cancer and both had ops which were successful.

    I had some help from Social Services with handles for doors as we have a steep step outside our kitchen door and I had been holding onto the dishwasher for balance. Not very safe. If you contact them, they could arrange a temporary step for you and some handles in your conservatory entrance. Another friend had a really big step down from his front door and Social Services came and looked at it and put in an extra step for him.

    Good luck with the DLA application. I hope you filled it in as at the worst possible day. If I can help with any rejection and appeal, let me know. If you send me a message I can let you have my phone numbers (if I haven't already! I can't remember). LavendarLady xx

  • oooh - spa - lovely. :-)

    Would love to come to something like this but all depends on work, childcare etc

  • it will be a friday night or sat night stay( both if your rich!).. unless you live near enough for a day trip?.. but the treatments if you want them are available sat or sun.( the meal prices are based on sat lunch or eve disco in november, children are allowed at the hotel!.. pool is v shallow. ..babies and children go in but children. not allowed in sauna. jacuzzi if less than about 6-8 years old

  • Sounds good plan, will check calendar, have a lot of expenses at present and big birthday coming up!

  • Gina is it your big birthday??!!.. how about trip to england .. as part of your celebration if it is ??

  • Hi Summer,mentioned the idea of the trip to Himself. A bit non committal but I think he would be interested in Spa treatments for himself. Can't do any time in october but November/early December (depending on the weather) would be possible. LavendarLady xx

  • I would be interested in your spa break (along as I can persuade someone to look after the children). November / early December would be best for me.

  • will start to check dates. .nov/ early dec.. will price on xmas lunch £15.50

    unless any one is up for/ to Disco dancing??!!. I EXPECT not??, they also have a 70/80s theme night in that time slot. so what do people. think??

    thoughts please??, any one want to dress in flares?? x

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