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just had a visit from occupational therapist too see how I am coping at home with my mobility , what a lovely lady . hopefully with some Adjustments at home I will be able to manage better with the bath toilet and getting in and out of bed . I feel about 80 not 50 got to get my head around all this feel like I don't need all this but my body is saying different I really want to cry at what I've become and fear for what's coming next . My hubby is so supportive and I feel for him too because it's affected both our lives . Any of you struggling at home please don't be afraid to ask for this help it will make life a little easier .

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  • Hi, I'm glad you are getting the help and I do understand how you feel about your life changing..it's horrible..it gets me down some days...I hope you feel the benefit of the help very soon..wishing you well..maryx

  • Aww thanks Mary , yeah it's awful how it changes your life so much but knowing others are going through this as well makes you realise your not alone , sorry your in the same boat Hun I was so depressed before I found this site because know one I knew suffered with this or understood what it was like , we can all have a moan and let off steam on here . Hope you have some relief from your pain x

  • hi Felicity, glad you have some help to make life easier. I so agree with you, my husband is really supportive but neither of us thought our lives would be so effected by this illness. .i found it hard accepting loo & bath seats but i'm over that now & enjoy the independance i've reclaimed. This site has been a major support to me also. Lots of love Alison xx

  • Alison I'm so glad it's not only me that felt having these adaptions was something to be afraid of , like you , I've got to a point where I can't think about what they look like or what others think about it . Cause if it helps all well and good for a better way of oping with this bloody awful condition . Regards Teresa

  • Teresa, I have a beautiful new walk in shower. They removed the bath and put it in the space the bath took up. Half height folding doors as well as shower curtains. And a chair too. I had to wait about 2 years to get the work sanctioned by the various organisations involved, but well worth it.

    Kath xx

  • Kath that's brill my daughters fatherinlaw who lives with them and is wheelchair bound had it put in has well , but I really love a bath it's helps soothe my aches and pains just need help from hubby to get out , but who knows what the future holds . Our plans are in 7-8 yrs when hubby can retire move into a nice little bungalow with no stairs . How are you with stairs I find coming down worse than going up lol .

  • Hi Felicity

    Sorry to hear how you're feeling, I also know what you mean.

    I had an occupational therapist come round when I first had RA.

    The adaptions make life slightly easier.I had rails put down each side of the stairs, raised toilet seat, grab rails.

    Also since then I have invested in a downstairs toilet, wish I'd have done it years ago!

    I am forty years old, and I also dream of buying a bungalow. It would be heaven!

    At the moment I limit using the upstairs, only for going to bed. I tend to only have a bath at bedtime otherwise it means an extra trip up.

    I also bought a mobility scooter which allows me to take my dog for walks.

    It certainly changes your life!

    Hope it doesn't take too long for your items to arrive.


  • Mine was brilliant, I puit her and my physio up for the NRAS health care champions award and they won!!! So glad you are enjoying the site its lovely to hear nice things as I get such a lot of support on her too. A

  • You're one of the cornerstones, A!

  • Awwww xx

  • That's really nice to hear you've all benefited from having these adaptions I don't feel so bad now x

  • hi felicty i had occupational health come to me last year after diagnosed theymade adaptions for me and i have to say i was sceptical at first but the simplest of adaptions hs made a worldof difference doesnt help with the pain lol but just takes a bit of the strain out of things i had tiolet raised swivel bath chair and another bannister rail fitted a godsend to any one get in now for new budgets april as takes a while to come out to you good luck xxxx

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