Hi. I'm Jackie and have joined today. Only just found the site. I have sero positive rheumatoid arthritis plus osteoarthritis for many years now.Double whammy! On Monday I will be having my first infusion of Rituximab. I've read all the leaflets spoken to consultant and special nurses so now it's down to me. Hope it will be okay? I'm having one flare up after another so must have faith in new treatment. I don't usually wear my heart on my sleeve as rather do the opposite and battle on. I have a wonderful family who support me so I'm very lucky.

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  • Hi nice to see you here. I have Rituximab and have had two cycles. I was absolutely fine and checked regularly. It's a long day tho so take something to do!! Xxx

  • Thanks for your positive comments. I have a bag full of magazines. I have been keeping a low profile this week as don't want to pick up anything !

  • I am sorry your having all these flares and i hope the infusion will help you darling and welcome Jackie and look forward to seeing more of your posts darling.xxxxx

  • Hi and welcome your among friends here who all have the same problems x x x

  • Thank you.

  • Thank you.

  • Just to reassure you there is a post from a lady who is having problems. It's not this dite , it's another part of hu. So feel safe, follow the normal things like don't give personal information etc. At the bottom of where you post is the bar , who do you want yo post to. If you put community instead of everyone, only people here in our group will see it , otherwise it will be on open internet ( which is good for people searching for answers but not in the group) but carries maybe more risk?

    Good luck with the drip!!

  • Thanks for the advice

  • I also take food and drinks in a little cool bag as that helps to break up the day. I always seem to feel thirsty. The only problem I have had with Rituximab is a headache apparently due to the steroids. Good luck

  • Thanks for your advice. Good idea.

  • In our hospital they give you steroid drip

    And two panadol and a piriton tablet before your Rituximab infusion. Not sure if that's the same in all units??

  • same at mine

  • Steroid was mentioned but I would think the procedure would be the same. I'm told first infusion could take 6 hours

  • My first was eight hours . The second two weeks later was 6 hours X

  • My staff might be slower lol!

  • Did you have it slowed down?

  • They give the first one slower to make sure you are tolerating it and the second one a little faster when they see you are ok. ! I felt fine so no problems.

  • Thanks. I'm hoping I'll feel fine too.

  • Welcome Jackie :) Good luck with the rituximab!

  • Thank you.

  • Infusions are fine , please try not to worry, seems strange sitting for such a long time . Plenty to read & I always take biscuits & or sweets to share around with rheumy nurses & everyone in the infusion room , they help break the ice so to speak with people you haven't met before . Sorry did,nt say hello x Hope everything goes fine for you & infusions work their magic , they certainly do for very grateful & lucky me .xx

  • I've already got some goodies and reading matter.

  • Good luck Jackie, let us know how it goes for you.


  • Thanks. Will do.

  • Good luck Jackie. I hope all goes well for you and the infusion will be fine. x

  • Thank you. All good.

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