PIP appointment with Atos, is there any point in going?

I have an appointment next week for an assessment, and I'm just wondering having read how difficult it is to get anything, if there is any point in going. I work full time, but have recently become a single parent so I'm having to do a lot more driving etc and my youngest son is having to do a lot more for me like doing up my buttons, as the more I'm having to do the more it effects my RA. By working and driving I'm already showing that I can cope so just don't know if it's worth going through the stress of the hour long interview.

Any ideas gratefully received.


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  • Hello

    All I can say is this,

    You are on display !!, the car park is close to the building!.

    Your GP and Specialists have been approached and would have sent in reports, did you get a visit from the Occupational Therapist. Everyone will have discussed your conditions and they are given points for every thing wrong.with your health and effects that it has on your life

    The check up will possibly take a general format, Be forward with your condition, take that list, they will have the form and reports associated with your condition, remember medications that you are on now and their doses, write down all relevant problems you have.Include contra - indications, Mental Health?. Did you keep a copy of their form they sent you?? and you filled in ?.

    Be Calm.and explain, well, Your Condition

    All the best, Good Luck


  • If you don't go, you definitely won't get PIP. If you do go, you might possibly get PIP.

    You've really got nothing to lose.

    If you want to give yourself the best chance, be aware that everything you do or say will be noted, and make sure you tell them everything you have difficulty with. It is possible to get either PIP or DLA when you are working, because just because you are working doesn't mean that you don't have significant difficulties and disability that you have to overcome.

  • Thank you both, guess I will go and see what happens, I have a copy of the form I sent and will take the other things they ask for.

    Thanks again.

  • hi it does seem a bit depressing but a don't know what you do for a living how it effects your day to day needs how much help you require from your family during the day or night or what benefits you are receiving the esa is in 2 parts 1 is work with financial help and 2 is no help i can only suggest you attend the assessment and if any benefits are stopped there are other channel you can get help CAB can do an assessment of your income and let you know if you can claim for anything else hope this helps

  • Have a read on the Benefits & Work website about PIP

  • Yes! Pip is their to help us with our difficulties. Don't try to be brave just tell them your problems and how it affects you and your family, and how much help you need. Good luck x

  • Thanks, I have looked at the scores required from the benefit at work web site, mentioned above and they add up ok. It's just seeing if the health professional at ATOS agrees with me. It's a shame the apt is in the morning as by the end of the working day I can barely move my hands, I drove home one handed again tonight.

    Thanks for your help.


  • I haven't been for a PIP interview, but I've had an interview with Atos. Following advice from CAB I found it helped to stop thinking positively about myself and what I can do, and start remembering what is difficult, what hurts, how things are at the worst time of the worst day I ever have and used that as the experience to base my answers on. You're not lying, you're letting them know how it really is to live with this disease. I sat down with the criteria beforehand and wrote down my problems that relate to that criteria. It was very depressing for that time because I'm normally very positive.

    The clincher for me was that I had previously measured the distance from the car park to my GP's reception (50m) because it was a difficult walk and I was curious what the distance was (I used google maps to do it). As it happened, at the interview the question was dropped in 'How do you find getting to the doctor's?'. So I described the difficulties I have doing that walk because the real question was 'can you walk 50m without any difficulty?' If I hadn't prepared myself I might have answered 'it's ok', because I don't make a fuss about it and it's my new normal, however it's not really ok at all and that's what they need to know.

    Sorry I was long-winded, but hope that helps and I hope all goes well for you.

  • Thank you, yes I need to be prepared. Good idea about measurements will do that as I'm not sure how far I can do but if I measure a specific point it will give me a better idea his far I can walk, without needing to stop And start again.

  • Hi all. Ive been waiting for my PIP results for 10 months. Eventually ive got them back today. Unfortunately I've been unsuccessful  The ATOS examiner did NOT include all of my symptoms. He seems too have missed a hell of alot out of the report. He also says I was in the examination for 45 mins when infact it was 15 mins. He also suggested I claim my travel expenses for a taxi fare. He said " I'll say I seen your receipt for this fare". Can anyone please advise me on which route I should take next please. Anything would be much appreciated. Thanks

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