Does anyone suffer from sore lips?!!!

I've always got a lip salve in my pocket as my lips get very dry. However at the moment I'm spending a fortune on lip salves as they are so sore.

I've got problems with reacting to some chemicals & at the moment I'm reacting really badly.

Lip salves that I've used before are making me sore so I'm having real problems finding one that is ok!

Does any else have this weird problem?!!!

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  • It can be part and parcel of the whole dry mouth/dry eyes thing of secondary sjogrens, but I think mine is a bit more than that. Before my coeliac diagnosis I always had a lot of problems including nasty cracks in the corners of my mouth, and my lips cracking and blistering in a bad way. I don't get it anywhere near as bad now, but it does feel to me like its an autoimmune thing as my lips always flare up when other things are flaring. I don't like lip salves either, and some have even felt like they burned my lips. Also sometimes things like fruit juice on my lips and then exposed to sun would have them flaring badly. I find the really simple kinds of salve (vaseline, etc) without any additional ingredients are the best. I've even been a bit weird and resorted to just rubbing cooking oil on my lips at times.

  • I know this lip thing is horrible but I find just Vaseline works for me. Like you I tried other products but I found this best. Like earthwitch says it's part of Sjorens if you've been diagnosed with that. Anyway I hope you get some relief soon

  • Hi, this is my first time posting. Yes, I am suffering badly from this which first started over 3 weeks ago. I have seronegative inflammatory arthritis. My GP is perplexed, gave me cream for Candida but this hasn't worked. Now trying antibiotic cream. My rheumatology nurse has taken me off Methotrexate just in case- am only on 7.5 mg. I am still on hydroxychloroquine 200mg and 20mg Amitriptyline. My lips are burning and feel really dry. I have tried various creams and salves and natural oils such as coconut with no relief. I am really sorry you have this too.

  • HI Southwest - thanks for your reply. I also have sero negative inflammatory arthritis. I'm also on MTX & have been for a few months now, also on Hydroxy & take 50 mgs of Amitriptyline & aswell as Sulpha. I wonder if it's all connected?!!

  • I've had cracks in the corners of my lips recently too, with me it is usually a sign of vitamin B deficiency (I'm vegetarian and don't eat bread so need to keep an eye out for symptoms), the other symptom is tiny sore spots on my tongue, I take supplements and they go fairly quickly.

  • Thanks for your reply. I'm not vegetarian but don't eat much bread but I do take Vit B supplements.

  • Hi, i generally get dry lips and use Vaseline or Burt's bees lip salves. I don't know how relevant this might be but I know someone who is on amitriptyline but is not using it as an anti depressant but instead is using it for one of the side effects - that is to help reduce saliva in the mouth as she has a condition that causes problems with saliva. Her lips used to get really dry but has since settled down. Hope you find something to ease the sore lips. x

  • I have Sjorgrens and I have found that Burts Bees makes my dry lips worse! I can't use it. I'm going to try Vaseline!

  • Iv had this also after issues with natural flora, I was told nothing at the drs however a friend of mine works in nutrition says this can be related to not getting enough B vitamins, I got a supplement and sure enough the splits have healed and my lips don't peel horribly any more.

  • Oh, and just remembered what I used to use - zinc and castor oil cream can be really great for healing up those cracks and splits. I remember working with a doctor once who was doing research on trace elements including zinc and zinc deficiency was one of the things that caused bad lip problems and cracks in corners of mouth. That zinc cream is what used to be commonly available for nappy rash, or what surfers used to use on lips and nose. Very white and thick, but when used overnight (not when out in public!) it used to heal up my lips really well.

    If its more of a burning though, I'd suspect food allergy of some kind. As well as being coeliac I am extremely sensitive to maize/corn in all its forms. I used to get flares of burning lips after things like fizzy drinks and eating sweeties, only later to discover that those almost always are full of corn syrup (as a cheap sweetener)

  • I already take zinc supplements. I'm also intolerant to a lot of foods & tend to eat gluten free as well so I've ticked all those boxes so I don't think its due to a food allergy as it's got worse. I've also got problems at the moment with an altered sense of taste & smell so am unable to eat a lot of foods so my diet is quite limited.

  • I use an organic beeswax-based lip balm by Songbird Naturals as I find it actually helps heal and moisturise my lips rather than just create a waterproof barrier. As with other replies, I find that bad bouts often coincide with dry eyes, dry mouth (and sore cracked nose) symptoms of Sjorgren's. I would imagine Burts Bees lip products would be similarly beneficial, although I think they're quite pricey.

  • I get same problem. Have sjogrens like many of the others have already posted so do get very dry mouth, nose and ghastly eye dryness. I was recommended to use mouthwash and toothpaste called Biotene, expensive but helps bit. Best thing for lips Vaseline or pure almond oil. I am also low in vitamin B and make sure I have marmite on my toast everyday and take supplement also as this can also cause cracking round mouth. Lynda x

  • Thanks everyone - I've tried Burts beeswax but react to it. Bodyshop's vit E & vaseline seem to be the best! but still very sore - I don't think I have Sjorgens as don't have dry eyes althouh I do get a dry mouth especially in the mornings after breakfast.

  • Hello Pauline

    I have very dry lips (part of my secondary Sjogrens) and nothing seems to help. But the best I have found is Blistex Intensive Moisturiser. I don't know what's in it though and whether it would give you a problem.

    Like others have mentioned I also have constant sore cracks at both corners of my mouth - the GP tells me it is "angular chelitis" (? spelling) and prescribed Timodeine cream which contains a mild steroid, an antibacterial and an anti fungal. I was advised to apply it then apply a moisturising lip balm on top and it works well for me, although they come back again within days of stopping using the cream. I don't know if it would be worth you asking the GP if something like that would help you? really hope you can find something which helps soon.


  • Yes..I do have sore lips and in the corners are very sore and red at times...I found like many others Vaseline helps the most. When I'm ok on lips I got from Avon something called Planet Spa Blissfully Nourishing really helps me during sore free times. It is very gentle. My lips don't sound as bad as others have said so I don't know if it would be ok for you but I love it, it really seems to help. My trouble is inside my mouth. It's horrendous at times, it seems to come when all other side affects come...but do try this balm if you can. I hope you find something to trouble is I absolutely adore marmite but can't go near it when mouth and lips are playing up!!!!!

  • Okay, I see a lot of you have had this, from all the posts about 9 months ago. Has anyone found a solution? How long does it last? I always used lip balms with no problems ever, till just about 2 weeks ago. Now they burn my lips, as if sunburned. SPF balms really hurt. Vaseline helps, but I don't like drinking and eating with it on my lips. What cures this unknown problem that just came on so suddenly, and won't go away?

  • No my lips are still very dry, I try lots of different lipsalves, the one I find is best for me is Blisterix Moisture Max.

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