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Back pain

Good morning. Just wondered if anyone can give any interim solutions.

Having quite bad lower back pain. The rheum is now looking at Psa instead of Ra. Nurses suggested this in Aug but he is only just doing more tests. Waiting for a MRI and had the hb whatever blood test. I had my 3rd depomedrone in November which was great and really settled things down. Unfortunately came back a vengeance Christmas week. He does not want me have another before the scan in case it masks the inflammation. I also have to stop nsaids a few days before. Not sure about my dmards or tramadol.

Just wondered if any of you good people have any tips for managing the pain and stiffness until I can have another depot injection. The greatest problem is when I have been sitting then getting up, dreading work this pm. Getting out of bed in a morning is difficult, I roll then walk with furniture. Evenings I cannot sit comfy in the arm chair for long. Been going to bed about 9. Would be sooner but feel a misery.

I feel comfy laid on the bed but in a morning need to get up and get moving.

Have tried heat pads and tens machine and I am trying to take the dogs a small walk to keep moving.

Sorry it is long winded but I am sure someone may have some goods tips .

Thank you and happy new year to you all.

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Poor you! I had a lot of back pain for a year or two, but don't get it so much now. It can be a real problem, I think, because it can stop you doing the very things that might help!

For me, the things that have helped bring it under control seem to be swimming, spending time in a sauna and warm jacuzzi, building muscle strength, generally moving and fidgeting more, and losing weight... They are related to each other, so the heat helped relax my muscles and enabled me to swim which helped strengthen my muscles so I could swim more which led to weight-loss... Having a hip replacement probably also helped, because it reduced my general pain and enabled me to exercise more. Obviously not all if these things will be relevant to you, but more movement and exercise will almost certainly help, if you can find a way to do it without hurting yourself... Good luck!


Thank you flow. I do feel better when I can move around. It loosens me up.

Sitting behind a desk at work and driving are a nightmare at the moment. I feel embarrassed get to getting up and moving because I am so stiff. The tiredness is back too.

Thanks for your reply.


Sorry you are in so much pain. I am not sure this is any help but when I had bad lower back pain a few years again I found it helped before I got out of bed in the morning to do gentle back exercises to relax and loosen up - best one bend your knees and press lower back into bed. I found sitting was poison ! suppose it depends what is causing your pain . Help it eases a bit soon.


Thank you I will give that a go in the morning. Yes sitting is not good.

Sacro iliac inflammation is what they think.


When I had my worst back pain I found using kneeling chair was the only way I could sit at a desk as that kept the angle between back & leg wide open rather than at right angles (which is the killer for me). Comfy chairs are excruciating! Either lie on the sofa or sit on a very upright chair. Now I often use a gym ball to sit on as that way you have to keep your back in a good position, and I also have a back friend that helps me.


Yes, I have a Back Friend too - in fact, two of them - one at work and one in my car. I do find them useful. :)


Will try a gym ball when I am more flexible.

Sit in a reclining chair at home. Ok for an hour tops with shuffling around.

I do have my chair at work upright actually.

Will try the sofa on my side when I finnish work tonight. Roll on 8pm.

Thank you helix. I always value your opinions, like many on here.


Sitting with back pain is horrible! I've had 2 lower spine fusions and it still "glitches" quite often and really hurts. I've found that going to the Chiropractor to be of the most help. I also bought a special cushion to use in any chair I'm sitting in. It's called Dynatronics Coccyx Seat Cushion, 3", Dynatronics Model: CCX3. I've had it for years and it's still great. I take it with me in the car on trips as well as using it at home all the time whenever I'm sitting. I hope you find out what the problem is with your back! Gentle hugs.



Oh dear sounds like you have had a lot of back problems.

The thought is inflammation in the sacro iliac joint. I had a depot medrone injection in November a d that settled things down. The Dr doesn't want me to have another before the Mri. He is thinking it is psa. When he can confirm then he was talking about anti tnfs . Long story.

It is just the interim. Ladies said yesterday about a back friend which I googled. I have looked at these and back cushions. They do sound good and useful. I will look at the one you suggested thank you.

After the scan I will ask about chiropractor.

Thank you.

Just trying lying on the sofa tonight like helix suggested.


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