Shoulder pain

Hi everyone, I have had excruiating pain in my right shoulder for weeks and just pain in my left shoulder (not as bad as the right.) Does anyone know why its always so bad at night when you are trying to sleep? I havent slept in days and wondered if any of you have any tips? Im on naproxen now 250 x 3 a day and paracetemol, joint rub and heat wraps all not helping, Diclofenic didnt work :(

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  • I suffer with very painful shoulders at the moment, what I think is that the cold gets in there and it is impossible to relax let alone sleep lol, I try to keep as warm as possible and that seems to appease the pain enough for me to sleep.

    I also put some heat rub on them when things are really bad, plus painkillers.

    I hope they settle down soon so you can get some sleep.


  • Thank you Philip.

  • Hi joo10

    I am suffering the same at the moment. Alternating ice pack with heat pack. Need to keep ice pack on for 15mins then heat for the same time. Helps a little for me.

    Hope that helps


  • I find heat helps at night - I used to have a hot water bottle, but now i have this lovely fleecy electric blanket which i put on before getting into bed and again every time I get up in the night.

    I use the codeine tablets too at night as it doesn't matter if I feel spaced out then!

  • Sometimes pain that is present all the time becomes much more noticible when one is trying to sleep. Without the distraction of daytime thoughts and activity, the pain, for me anyway, can really take over. Sometimes my upper arm hurts, too, and sitting up (or standing) seems to be the only relief I can get. Hope your shoulder pain eases up and you can get some sleep. That's so hard.

  • I've had this problem too and as doctorpat says above, without daytime distractions our pain is magnified as it's what we focus on when we can't sleep:-( I also find that heat really helps and I take stronger pain killers too, so perhaps that's something to consider for night times? It's worth seeing your gp about better pain relief as when you can't sleep everything else seems worse.

    Cece x

  • I have been taking painkillers every four hours and I try to sleep only on my back or front to take any pressure off my shoulders. My left shoulder has been the worse pain as opposed to my right shoulder. I also got a pully from my physiotherapist and doing gentle stretches due to my left shoulder becoming stiff. I can move it a bit more now, pain is still there but overall I think it has helped.

    I Hope that you get some relief soon.

  • I have this problem too a lot, I find heat the best and painkillers every 4 hours, its horrible especially at night, hope it eases soon,

    Wendy xx

  • I agree, night-time amplifies everything. Try a couple of soft pillows on either side. Just lean your arms on them,while lying on your back it seems to take the pressure off the shoulders a bit. You'll snore like billy oh and (if you have an OH, there will be little space for them) but Hey Ho, it's a small price to pay. :-)

  • Hello. Yes I am in the same boat unfortunately. An off work today and have had to go in late every morning for two weeks due to my shoulders and neck totally locking overnight no sleep at all last night. It takes a few hours and a hot bath to finally loosen the excruciatingly painful joints. Seeing my consultant tomorrow. I think being still is what causes the pain but you can't exactly sleep and wave your arms around all night! Hoping for advice re pain relief tomorrow. Hope you feel better soon

  • Thanks guys, il try anything! i hav to get through 11 more days until i see rheumy and pain is not letting up, dont know how im gonna get through until 20th but will try all your methods, very helpful. i hope u all get some relief soon x

  • Have u tried applying vapor rub? I've been recently converted to this and have found it really helps soothe the pain in my shoulders n ankles.

  • Ive tried all the muscle rubs like green muscle, voltoral and deep heat etc but they havent touched it. Which vapur rub do you mean?

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