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Well, it will be 3 weeks tomorrow since I had my new knee installed. I think it's all going well but I'm so frustrated & I'm not very patient. I've been doing the exercises but the knee flexion is by far the most difficult.

I had the staples out last Monday. (Whoever said that wouldn't hurt was telling porkies)! I would say that each staple removed was like a wasp sting. Yes, I know, I'm a wimp.

Nighttime is the worst. When I eventually get to sleep, I can guarantee that I will wake up after a couple of hours with my ankle throbbing. I know that I had Osteo in my ankle before but I'd have thought it would be the knee that woke me up!

One of my big concerns was cramp. I was talking to one of my doctors about it and she was surprised that I'd been struggling on for so long and not one medical professional had suggested a combined supplement of calcium, magnesium & zinc. I know we're not supposed to recommend or promote stuff on here so all I will say is, 'In my opinion, I have not had cramp since I started taking them'!!

Now I have another concern. When the anaesthetist was getting ready to insert the spinal injection, before the op, he said I'd got rather a curve in my spine. I did register this at the time but I didn't really think much about it.

I've had Osteo of the spine for years, spinal stenosis and had decompression surgery in 2012. I don't have osteoporosis and didn't have scoliosis!

Yesterday, after showering, I started to massage the base of my spine with Shea butter. I was horrified that my spine felt really curved. I called my husband and he agreed it didn't look right and that he had never noticed it before! I really didn't know that this could happen so quickly but it definitely wasn't curved before all my recent knee problems. Degenerative Scoliosis?

I admit to breaking down in tears at the thought of it but contacted the 'SOS' number for my back surgeon to see if I can get an appointment.

Happy Days. ToD xx

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  • Can't give any advice about your back, hope it's nothing serious. However, as far as your knee is concerned, don't panic, it takes a lot of exercise to get your knee flexion right, it should get progressively better. It's only 3 weeks, don't expect too much too soon.

    It's important to exercise, but it's also important to rest, with your leg elevated. Maybe you are over doing things a bit, that could explain your ankle pain. Although the actual operation is on the knee, it does affect the whole leg, and how you move.

    Hope you soon see some improvement. Best wishes, Mavis x

  • Thanks Mavis. I know it's only 3 weeks but I do seem to heal quickly. It's funny because my late Dad was really ill with cancer but the only thing he complained about were his 'bloody ankles'. I must take after him!

    It does seem that the little things cause relatively more pain - the little finger nerve pain, the paper cut, the cat scratch, the stubbed toe and the football!!

    ToD xx

  • I know what it's like, I got pretty frustrated too. You'll get there! M x

  • Why is it you get over one thing then another seems to take it's place? I do hope you recover well from your surgery. Most here say that the exercises are paramount to good recovery so hope you can persevere doing them.

    Hope your appointment comes through quickly. I know how concerning it must be only having an idea of what may be going on & can appreciate you weren't in the position to question it further. I do envy you being able to reach round to your back though!

    I take my h to cardio outpatients tomorrow to have 24 staples out .... hope they're not all wasp stings lol!

  • You can never kneel on it though

    You do know that don't you 😐

  • I've not been able to kneel for 20 + years so I don't think that will be a problem. What really makes me cringe is when footballers score and slide on their knees!!!

  • I wonder whether there is an optimum time for staples to be removed as I was waiting for mine to hurt and most did not - just the one that was slightly trapped. Bending will take some time yet. My best / easiest place for bending was lying face down on the bed and bringing the leg up behind. For me it was my hip that caused extra pain and that was helped by exercises from the physio so may be worth asking at your next appointment. Also look at the position of your ankle when you are sitting with the leg elevated as you may need an extra something under it. Farm

  • Yes, I'll try the face down method tomorrow. Now this will test out the cramp cure. I certainly wouldn't have been able to do this without getting cramp before the new tabs!!  I'll let you know how it goes. ToD xx

  • Lots going on for you. Well done for getting through the knee replacement. I have heard that you have to incredibly persistent with the exercises and physiotherapy to get the maximum knee flexion. Possible. Don't give up- sometime they need to put you under anaesthetic to help you achieve better flexion. Your ortho surgeon could discuss it with you.

    Scary with the back, but take one thing at a time I guess. Take care, Doreen

  • Thanks all. I'm at the Physio tomorrow. Last appointment was cancelled so fingers crossed I'll get there this time. Walking without a limp (once I get up straight and have a stretch). Skin feels tight & hot sometimes so my favourite pastime is sitting with frozen peas on the knee. Flexion is improving but ankle pain is still keeping me awake at night! I only take my OxyContin in the middle of the night now so rely on my usual Cocodamol, Lodine and Amitriptyline to do the business the rest of the time.


    Yippee. ToD xx

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