Inside of knee?

I realise now I've been spoilt on MTX as I haven't experienced anything like this since early Feb in my wrist. But my right knee is really very painful tonight and I've got 4 flights of stairs to navigate tomorrow - had to go up sideways tonight. I just want to check this is RA and not just wear and tear from over doing things.

The reason I'm a bit muddled is that ladt year when my knees were bad it was both knees at the front right in the middle of the knee joint whereas this pain is in one knee (ankle on other side not much fun either) and its all on the inside fleshy part and down into the calf muscle. Is this part of the knee joint? It's the old acid burning pain that I had in my wrist so often but it's just the location that seems kind of odd? I've no anti inflams on me just codeine and pracetamol and so I'm just really hoping it will have burnt itself out by morning as used to happen before!

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Hi Tilda,

I was just about to post something very similar! My knee is agony, and did same as you re; going up and down stairs - fortunately I live on a ground floor flat. I have taken tramadol and paracetamol and hoping for it to take effect, lastnight's worked until 4:30am today.

Like you it's the back of my right knee, feels like a big lump, unfortunately I cannot offer any advice although my mum suggested hot and cold packs, but would be very interested to know whether this is normal RA?

You take care, hope you're better this morning x


Thanks Cpt Jen sorry you too are having same trouble as me but I think that tells us that it is RA them if we both have it. Mine is much better this morning but it appears to have travelled down the way into my feet which are really very sore this morning. Shoulders too - so I'm certain that the carrying of heavy case and rucksack off and on buses has provoked it but I think it's the RA because it's that burning, acid toothache type pain. Ah well onwards and upwards hopefully it will fade as the day wears on and no case to lug about today at least! Hope yours fades similarly although I think Baker's cysts are on the back of knees - worth a thought? TT x


I have sore knee but i think its osteo. We could pick you up this afternoon. Ring?


Squishy lumps on the back of the knee, or either side of the knee cap, and which feel quite liquid when you prod them are what tells me that my knee is full of synovial fluid, so basically inflammed. On the other hand the hot aches that can pop up just about anywhere I tend to view as just 'normal' RA.....and usually tell me that I've been a bit over enthusiastic. But that's just me, so could be otherwise for you. Anyway hope the trip is being successful. Px


I think over-enthusiastic RA sums it up well thanks Polly. I'm just a bit jumpy as not on home patch and lots of stairs and stuff to get done over the next few days. A week today I will see my rheumy on telemedicine link! Dont worry I'll be fine thanks Cathie - much better today after a night's rest - see you later as planned. TTxx


When I was first diagnosed some years ago, it was my left knee and elbow that first presented. My knee was so swollen at one point that it ruptured - ruptured 'Bakers Cyst'. My calf was then swollen and painful resembling a DVT. I spend a day in A&E to be told that they couldn't rule out DVT (their main aim apparently), so they wanted to send me home on heparin injections! I just burst into tears and walked out! It was another couple of days before I could see the Rheum Dr. who injected it with steroid which returned it to normal within 24 hours.

Anyway I agree with everyone else that any swelling is likely to be RA. I am probably not very typical, but if you are like me, large joints are involved before smaller ones. It is only more recently that my hands, wrists and fingers have become a problem. I hope you get it sorted soon.


Thanks Jane - yes it all started for me in knees and wrists and then fingers and toes. But I have very little swelling ever - well not that I can ever see apart from hands. Lately I had even thought the RA had disappeared apart from my ankle is consistently sore with what physio says is Synovitis. Also my ESR is at 62 now so there must be inflammation going on but I can't see it!

Knee much better now. It's like my wrist used to be - reaches a climax of pain, swells up goes red briefly and then that's it - it either moves on or goes away and only an ache remains. It's only because I'm hauling luggage about with me and walking with a rucksack on and off busses but that's why I wasn't sure - as round on the inside of my knee and down into calf was a first!



Hi T

I have experienced that kind of pain in both knee, but predominately the right knee is most painful. I thought I had the start of a bakers cyst if you remember? The xray was negative for that. I still get the pain and lump at the back of knee which is almost as bad as the "bad " pain i.e the throbbing type pain.

Rest and coco's, if you can get anti flams that will also help. I wonder why this type of pain & swelling has rared his head. I have only had it on and of since April (2012). Could it be that we are advancing/evolving with our RA??

Hope it does not last to long for you and you get your mobility back (it sounds as if you are away at moment?).

Take care Jx


Helix Helix 'over-enthusiastic' is exactly it I fear. Took a notion with the long weekend to do some DIY. Entirely unaided I painted my bedroom, I knew it was a bad idea but just got so angry at not being able to do what I used to so made myself. After 2 days I was practically crippled Sunday and Monday, returning to my early RA days of waking up every 4 hours as painkillers wore off. Discovered 2 tramadol and 3 paracetamol (pharmacist said was ok, just not to do all the time) took slight edge off :(

It is squishy lumps at the side and front but tried to drain before and was no fluid just swelling. Hard lump at back of knee, seeing physio this morning so shall discuss with him and report back x



Hospital this morning, I have a Baker's Cyst behind my knee (which is what is causing the swelling and pain in back of knee and calf), swelling at the front from RA and a deformed elbow. Happy Birthday to me. x


Oh no poor you - but happy birthday to you anyway. My knee is better now but my ankle is a bit hellish after a whole day of playing auntie to my nephew and niece around a rainy Edinburgh after about 3 hours sleep! My son never sleeps and he texted me at 3 am to say that I should avoid his flat where I'm staying because it's near the outbreak of Legionnaires disease that has put 30 people in IU and one has died so far. He's worried because of RA and MTX as my immune system is compromised - honestly I can't believe he texted me at 3am with that stuff - I'm now compromised by total exhaustion and I've got to go out with friends! Sweet that he cares though! TT x


Do not panic, I live here! You cannot catch it from drinking water, it is in industrial cooling systems, believe confined to west Edinburgh (Gorgie, Saughton and Dalry). You cannot catch it from person to person, it is in moisture in air i.e. air conditioning. Most likely to be affected men 50+ smokers, diabetes etc... Despite compromised immune system Legionnnaires' not up there on our list of worries! 40 in hospital, 12 in ICU, 1 died but he had pre-existing health problems. Meet friends, have small glass wine and enjoy! x


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