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Robot Knee

I had my first Physio appointment today. She was very pleased with my progress and measured my knee flexion at 110 degrees. She made me do some new exercises and showed me how to massage the scar tissue.

Tonight, I can hardly walk, struggled to climb the stairs and am totally knackered. Let's hope tomorrow will be better!

On Wednesday I start Knee Classes! Woo hoo - can't wait! ToD xx

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Well done ToD - sounds as if you are a star patient to me! Hope the pain abates again for the weekend. Tx

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Thank you.  Yes, it was all positive yesterday but with the few extra exercises I did - I can hardly move this morning!! ToD xx


Hi ToD,

Pleased that all is going well. I expect the exercises will get a little bit easier the more you do it.

Just out of interest, how long did your op take and are you glad that you chose the epidural? As sooner or later I know I will have to have it done.

Smiler x


Hi i am going in soon and am interested to know your reply about epidural.


Hi nellysgran

I think my op was about 2 hours and I chose not to be sedated. I fully intended to have a general and only changed my mind at the last minute. I had watched knee replacement videos so as I was lying on the operating table, I knew what they were doing by the noises!  Yes, the sawing, drilling and hammering was what had initially sent me down the general route but I certainly don't regret changing my mind. 

You do need to be prepared to work with the anaesthetist and let him know if you feel any changes (tingling, pins & needles) when he inserts the needle. 

No way is right or wrong. It's your decision to choose whichever option is most comfortable for you. I had a general when I had a back op and an arthroscopy (on the same right knee) and can honestly say there was not much difference in recovery times. I was sick after both but it was a morphine reaction. 

Whichever you choose, I  wish you luck and a speedy recovery.  ToD xx

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It's hard work getting back to full movements and painful too. Needs a lot of determination, but sometimes it does feel as if the physios are sadists!

I remember being watched going downstairs and back up on crutches. When I got to the top again, she just looked at me, so I did it again. When I got back up after the second climb back up, she said "You only need to do it once before we will let you home" !!!!


Hi Nic- hang in there! One day at a time. Cheers Doreen


Well done!! It's hard work, but worth it. Just remember to rest as well as exercise... it's a fine line. You need to listen to your body. You'll be running after those grandchildren in no time!! M xx


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