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Blood test - liver enzymes

Hi everyone, hope you are feeling ok. I have been catching up reading posts and thought I would just give an update. I had a lovely time in the Lake District and the weather was kind to us. I felt quite well most of the week and had a nice relaxing time, just walked short distances and didn't overdo it. I then had a week at home pottering, catching up with jobs at home and meeting friends. My last post a month ago told you that my blood test had shown an increase in some levels and I had to have further tests every two weeks. I had a text from the Doctor's surgery this morning asking me to ring them. I have been told by the receptionist that the Doctor needs to speak to me as my liver enzymes are still rising. The Doctor is going to ring me on Tuesday morning to discuss this. I also have an appointment with the Rheumy Nurse on Tuesday afternoon so I will mention this to her too. This week I have began to feel not quite as well as I have been. I have been feeling more and more tired but not sleeping very well and notice that around 7pm I go really cold and find it hard to warm up. I still have little appetite and can only manage a very small meal. Do you think this could be related to the altered blood levels or the meds. Just wondering now if my medication will be changed, I recently increased to 20mg Methotrexate and also take Sulfasalazine, Naproxen, Co-codamol, Omeprazole and Folic Acid and was starting to feel as though this is having a positive effect on my health, at last. I also have an appointment in two weeks to see the Occupational Therapist, not sure what this will entail though. I am also waiting to see the Podiatrist. I have had another workplace assessment and the advisor has recommended a new chair with headrest, lumbar support, and cushioned arms, it will be made to 'fit' me. He also said I need a better footrest and should have a double page paper rest to use when reading files as I find bending over the desk to read aggravates my neck and shoulders and holding a bulky file is causing more pain in my wrist and fingers. He was very thorough and keen to ensure I have everything I need. My Line Manager was taken by surprise at his recommendations as she presumed I only needed a new chair even though I had mentioned the foot rest I had wasn't suitable and I was struggling with heavy files. He also told her that in winter a heater should be made available for me to use if necessary as the heating system in the office is old and unreliable, by the look on her face you would think she has to pay for these herself. Should have told her I need tea and cakes too, ha ha. Anyway will see what Tuesday brings and let you know what the next stage is. Night night.

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Morning Sue. I'm really pleased you had a lovely time & that the weather wasn't typical Lakes! It is so beautiful whatever the weather but it's a bonus if you're not in low cloud & rain.... sounds as though it was as nice as it's been a little further south here.

Sorry to hear your LFT's aren't behaving. Has reducing your MTX dose a little not been discussed yet? Only going off my experience but it could determine if it's that causing it, maybe your Rheumy nurse will suggest it on Tuesday. Possibly this is what your GP is intending to discuss on Tuesday as well. Might be worth mentioning to either of both if you've not received your Podietry appointment yet as well. Probably difficult to determine having had some time off but are you feeling any less tired?

Seems that your work aren't yet aware just now things are for you from the way your Line Manager reacted to the recommendations! Have you provided any form of leaflet or such explaining why these are being put in place? NRAS have publications you could order or download to give her & ensure she reads, might be an idea so she knows just what you're coping with & why they're necessary.

Looking forward to your update. x

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Hi happygranny1958,

I have put a link below to our publications on work:

Depending on the size of your company The Access to Work scheme may pay for some or all of the costs of overcoming work related obstacles:

Hope that you get your meds sorted soon and your blood tests return to normal.


Beverley (NRAS Helpline)


Thanks Beverley that is very helpful. I think access to work are helping with the costs. I will download and print out the publications.


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