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Renal and liver function blood test question

Hi well here's the answer to my question I asked you all on Saturday,I've just rung the dr and there's a problem with my liver and renal function test,and the dr is ringing me at 3 to discuss this.no mention of stopping methotrexate so I've just taken it.im reassured it can't be too bad as I would have had my methotrexate stopped, but as its the first time in 14 months I've had a problem I'm a little worried.anyone else had this ? Thankyou xxx

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Luckily I haven't had raised bloods , but just go along with what the doc says I think . They are maybe just a little high for them to let u stay on mtx and will just want to keep an eye on you .

I wouldn't be tempted though with booze over Xmas @ killjoy ! !

Hope you feel better soon ad thanks for the update I was wondering what they said earlier. Axx


I had this a few months ago, sorry I didn't reply earlier. Got a call from drs, which frightened me half to death, thinking something wrong. So went to hospital appt for 4pm and didn't get seen til 5! Only to be told 'oh your bloods were a little bit up, but they look ok now, see you in 6 months!! ' aggghhhhh! So hopefully yours will be the same. Without the long delay of course.


Good to hear you have the answer. Hopefully your Gp's call will be just to reassure you. Take care. xxx



Do not worry, they will most probably just want to confirm or tweek you medication regime, If not they have found some contraindications at the right time and they will be dealing with that over the forthcoming weeks Have you chat with the GP, then have a nice Christmas break

All the best in the festive season



Hello and thankyou for your replies,well the dr rang,my potassium levels(kidneys) and alt(liver) are slightly elevated,potassium 5.7 and alt 67 they want a repeat blood test in 2 weeks then we are going from there.merry Christmas to you all love michelle xxx


I had same thing 2 wks ago letter to phone gp , said my red cells were to large I'm on mxt 20mg hydrox and sulphazine, plus all the pain relief tramadol co codamol gaberpentin .etc . Had to go hospital for retest that was same result asked if I drank I had a couple glasses red wine that weekend . He said mxt and drinking had an effect on the liver enzymes said a couple glasses a week is fine but will keep a check on liver function . Don't know if this is of any help I was really worried no wine for me this Xmas to worrying . But happy Xmas everyone hope ur all able to enjoy it x x


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