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At last!

Finally got my azathioprine

Starting at 50mg for 2 weeks then 100 then 150. Blood tests etc as before. But if 150 not enough will up to 200.

Also just picked up my zomorph 60mg as I had the worst flare I've ever had start yesterday. Absolutely awful. Can't use thumbs. Fingers awful, legs and feet agony and arms shoulders and neck very painful. Also can't concentrate on things. And short term memory bad. My daughter got her 2nd year degree nursing tesults yesterday and I forgot to congratulate her. Feel awful.

Will send her a little something to make up.

Forgot cyclizine but got enough left until tomorrow when the pharmacy will deliver them for me. As long as the morphine and diazepam work ok it's O2 i

Academy Islington tomorrow night to see Steve Harris' British lion. An iron maiden legend playing a small theatre. That takes me back about 25 - 30 years!!!

Good old Eddie!!!

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Good luck with the Aza and hope you enjoy reliving your youth at the concert and well done to your daughter. I'm sure she won't mind that you're a few days late congratulating her. Twitchy

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Thanks for your good wishes. Gigging for me has been a way of life. I went to my first in 1970 with mum and dad. The IoW festival with Hendrix, free, the who etc. so that want a bad start. I then started going with my schoolmates. My first metal gig was black sabbath in 1972. That year I saw sabbath, deep purple mk2, led Zeppelin, pink cloud and the who. Not a bad line up. I've being going to about a gig or more. Per month ever since so that's over 400.-500 gigs and ten festivals so it's what you might call my hobby. Had to miss download this year coz of illness.

But although I still love 60s music the Beatles stones cream Hendrix the who Motown 70s reggae 70s Rock. U2 and simple minds. I am a confirmed metalhead. And like to try to get as close to the front as poss and normally get front second or third row. And I NEVER sit. No atmosphere. I've got thousands of photos since the advent of the mobile phone with camera. Probably about 10,000. Probably only 1 in 10 is any good coz of you being constantly being pushed around and of course the band moves so you can get blurred pics too but I just take hundreds at each gig and I might get 20-30 decent shots.

Looking forward to tonight now as morphine has now made me pain free except for my thumbs which are a bit sore but at least I can do buttons up so it's Levi's back on trackie stays at home.


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