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At last the day has come :)

As you are all aware, i had my GP appointment today to start my Treatment,.... Great news my ALT has gone down to 49, So that is great compared to 100 2 weeks ago :) What i didn't know or forgot lol, was that i had a liver function test done in July before taking the Meloxicam, and it was only 26, My GP Said that she will not be putting me back on them, because of the affects they had on my Liver, But all systems go on the Methrotrexate, of 15mg, Also 400mg per day of Hydroxy, and once a week of 5mg of Folic acid.

Have taken my first dose today, so fingers crossed, I haven't been to great the last few days, with a sore throat and a lot of stiffness and pain in most of my joints, So it's great to get some good news. haven't had my second injection today, But have a appointment for Friday, I have also booked my next 2 appointments to see the nurse for my blood to be checked.

Hope you are having a pain free day, Lots of hugs and xxx

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Good to hear that you are finally on the meds that will help you. Lets hope you start feeling the benefit to enable you to have a good christmas with the family.


So so pleased for you :))))) you have waited long enough and I hope you start feeling the benefits soon.please be patient though shirl,I started noticing a difference at 5/6 weeks onwards but you are on hydroxy too so I'm hoping it will all kick in soon for you to have a lovely Xmas xx


thats great news shirl .. i know youve being made to wait .. :( hopefully youll see some good improvements now .. " legs crossed " ..

good luck .. xx


Thanks Andy, it's a lot of my mind, But will still have to keep my Legs Crosses:( xx


Great news Shirl!

Hope you will be pain free soon and then bring on the xmas spirit! If you find the xmas spirit send some my way lol.

You must be so happy and relieved.

Take care




great news,hope you feel some relief soon ps i started hydoxy today gentle hugs xx


Thanks Josie, I am, It's just great to know that at last i am taking something to slow this Decease down , I have had a rotten sore throat the last couple of days, Also I went Christmas shopping after seeing the GP, Its was so cold out there, So i think i need to get a early night,

Take care xx


Please look after that throat Shirl - I hope that going straight onto 15mg MTX doesn't make your liver rise because normally people start at 7.5 - so if your liver does go back up don't panic just ask to start again on the lower dose and build up gradually. Hope these two drugs work wonders for you as they do for me - but as Shell says it might take a while for you to feel the effect fully. Tilda xx


That's great news Shirl .....hopefully all will be ok and the meds will get into your system quickly ....somtimes just knowing you are taking drugs for your condition helps and gives you a boost ...good luck Hun Claire x


Great news Shirley that youv'e finally started the meds youv'e been waiting for and I am really hoping that you get good results from them and that you can start to live your life again.

Remember that this is the start of things and don't overdo it if you are feeling well,love yourself and look after yourself. Hope you get results like shell and that youy will soon be back in the heels.

Got my scan in 3 hours and then my rheumy appt tomorrow and may be joining you as a DMARD junkie

take care crisxx


Thanks Good luck for tomorrow Cris, Hope you get a good result, Let us know how you get on..

Hugs and xx


Great news about starting your treatment. I started on 10mg MTX in May, then increased to 15 in October. Have not had any real side effects and benefits are good. Just be patient and hope you enjoy a great xmas.



thats brill news, u'll feel like a diff person in a few eeks hopefully xo


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