Feeling positive at last

Had my first injection with Enbrel yesterday and was no where near as bad as I thought it would be after reading so many horror stories. They tell you not to read up on these things but you just have to don't you!

It burned and stung for a little bit but was fine and no reaction on the injection site. Guess I'm pretty fortunate, fingers crossed this is going to work well for me.

Had a very busy day yesterday beginning with a visit from my lovely OT. She came to check out all of the aids that had been provided for me around my home. Just waiting for grab rails and a new balustrade to be fitted.

Had my welfare meeting at work where I was given my final written warning for my absence due to ill health which isn't pleasant but I've accepted that I'm too 'ill' to return to my role anytime soon.

It was really difficult not just for me but my Head Teacher as I know they would have me back in a heartbeat if I were able but have to follow protocol.

I feel that after a year of having PsA, I am finally beginning to accept that I'm not able to do certain things anymore or anytime soon and have to concentrate on getting well again as best I can.

I intend returning to work hopefully next year but maybe only a couple of days a week and not in a physical role. What will be, will be.

I still struggle everyday and rightly or wrongly have accepted that this is my life for now and everything becomes the norm.

I haven't given up but acceptance helps me to move on and look at my life differently.

I understand that this is different for everybody but that's how I'm coping at the moment. You never know though, I may be feeling different tomorrow . That's how this disease deals us a hand!

Hope you all have a pleasant pain free day xxx

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  • Hope that enbrel is the one for you....if it is things may well take a positive turn! Good luck, M x

  • Thankyou x

  • Hi Tinat3,

    hope that Enbrel is the one for you and that you start to feel a lot better soon. Sorry to hear that things at work are not so good. You are protected at work under the 2010 equality act. Under the act it is recommended that employers treat sick leave as a result of your disability differently to other sickness leave. I have put a link to our publication on work for you to look at:


    Hope things get sorted for you


    Beverley (NRAS Helpline)

  • Thanks Beverly. Will take a look x

  • Hope you feel the benefit soon. I know exactly where you are coming from with regards to work and the RA? I am not at work again today because I am totally exhausted and very very swollen. I am waiting to start my Humira ,and I can honestly say that I feel a little bit sad wanting an injection so badly!! I have put all my hopes for my future plans,independence and so forth on this Biologic.

    I am staying positive and keep telling myself that it won't be long and I will still get mine.

    Good luck to you,and I hope that your Biologic gives you back your life.

    Ps if you ever want to chat,I am a good listener.

    Jane x

  • Thanks Jane. I have always tried to remain positive that one day things will get better.

    Good luck starting Humira. Let us know how you get on x

  • Hi Jne - stick it out, let them sack you if they feel the need. This will be against the Discrimination Act which I am sure the Organisation know about. Don't just let them have their own way. Fight (if you can) for what is rightfully yours - A job you enjoy, do well, and (hopefully) get well paid. Take care. Babs x

  • Hi Tint3. I hope Embrel is "the one" for you. My fingers are crossed. I too have finally accepted the fact that this is the "new me" for now. What surprised me was that I am OK with the decision. I work for a big company and I don't need the stress of going into management. I told my bosses that I will continue "stepping" into management when they are on vaction or sick, but I am not going for a perminent position. We need to take care of ourselves.

    Take care


  • That's my difficulty Sue. I am senior management so have a lot of responsibilities including managing 35 staff. I haven't got the energy any more! Going to let someone else have all the stress!

    Stick to your guns x

  • I understand....I am a government employee who used to "love" pressure and scheduling employees, balancing budgets, ordering product, dealing with customers, burning cds and dealing with the RCMP, I thrived when I introduced product to my province from other countries, writing up reviews on wine and spirits, etc. I thought I had the "dream job"...now I am proud to stand at a till and sell "beer". lol NO more stress is very relaxing :) I now just go home after I put in my hours on the till.

  • I hope that Enbrel works for you. I was lucky. . . It worked amazingly well after the second injection. I had a nasty site reaction after the 5th injection affecting all 5 previous places that I had used but once this settled I was fine. I put a frozen plastic ice cube on the place I am going to use for about 10 minutes before I inject and it works a treat, the sting is not so bad after that. I really hope Enbrel works for you but if it doesn't, there are other ones to try. Take care.

  • Cheers and thanks for the advice x

  • I do hope Enbrel works as well for you as it has for me. I was bedridden but now I am able to walk 2 - 3 miles every day [weather permitting] and up to five miles with the ramblers once a week....in fact I managed 7 miles with them this Spring on our annual holiday in mid Wales. Hopefully you will be back to work soon. All the very best xx

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