saw nhs rheumy today

hi all had my app this morning a nightmare she was put out by the fact i had a private diagnosis why!!!!! because it was quicker than nhs she then took notes as i was trying to explain things she kept looking at clock she then said my gp had not sent blood results she had i was there.she made me have all bloods again and xrays said i must get to my gps for flue jab and phumonia jab before she can treat me she said she would give me steroid jab and hydroxychloroquine but wont start anything else till i have jabs and she has results back and i have to get xray results on disc from private consultant before then and have my eyes tested

wasnt interested in anything i had to say and when iasked about tabs said she was running late read leaflet bye/ then went for bloods xrays phoned private etc

i was 9.30 app came out at 10 was bundeled out i didnt want to be in any longer than have to only asked about meds thouroghly dissapointed wants me to have more bloods before back between xmas and new year really awfull expeirience no wi know why i go private when i can sorry for rant.

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  • Hi sorry you didnt have a positive experience at your rheumy appointment and that you did not feel listened to. It shows the different experiences people on here have. Hopefully when you go back you will have a better result and all will be in place for you to start on the right treatment for you

    Take care crisxx

  • ks chris just a long time coming august

  • thank you chrisx

  • Due to a misdiagnosis I was advised by my GP to go private to avoid waiting ages for the correct diagnosis. The rheumy I saw privately then added me to his NHS list for all my future treatment. Were you not able to do this? I must say though that the time spent at my private appointment was far longer and more in depth than my NHS appointment. I assume this is due to the underfunding of rheumatology as the whole team appear to be run off their feet. I was also sent on my way armed with leaflets but to be honest it gave me time to get everything straight in my head and by the time I had my next appointment I was better prepared. Hopefully you'll have a better experience at your next appointment. Best of luck x

  • ty pualywoo im just exhuasted now and headache

  • Sorry to hear of your experience, You must be feeling really disappointed, and upset, I hope you get a better result next time, maybe your GP, can give you some advice,

    Take care shirley x

  • thanks shirl got jabs tom flue and phn umonia see if i can get in docs then xxx

  • I know exactly how you feel.

    Went to rheumy after consultant diagnosis and was told yes you have it, heres your meds, now go and get on with it!

    Its been a year now on various drugs and they now think it could be fybromygelia instead or ra or as well! They are not sure at the minute.....

  • yeh a mine feild thats for sure good luck with diagnosisxx

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