Swollen lymph nodes in armpit. Anyone else out there experienced this?

Hi everyone

Well after a beautiful six weeks of feeling g well on methodrexate and putting all my worries behind me I saw the consultant today. This was great as I usually see the registrar but this guy is very esteemed and has been a consultant for years.

We went through everything and as an afterthought I mentioned that I had noticed huge lymph nodes under my right armpit in addition to the reactive ones under my left armpit that have been there a year!

I had a CT PET scan in April partly to rule Out more sinister reasons for

The outrageous weight loss and night sweats, and it came back as consistent with the rheumatoid, so

I stopped thinking about it.

Now, I have a new clutch of them, really quite large, and the doc has referred me for a chest X-ray and ultrasound.

He didn't seem massively concerned - said that they felt mobile - so I am not freaking out, but I have to say it would have been nice to walk out of there without a new thing on my mind!!!!!!! You know what I mean? Always something bubbling away - it seems such a long time since my health was something I didn't need to think about!!

Anyway, was just wondering if anyone out there had any lymph node experience to share. ( positive if possible!!!)



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Maybe get to your GP asap so if there is anything there you can then get some help, I had something like that many years ago but fortunately everything was OK.

Good luck I hope you get the answers to your questions soon.



Thanks Philip

Hopefully the ultra sound will be reassuring.

The hospital I attend is usually quite good for appointments so hopefully I won't have too long to wait.


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Without going into too much detail. I had a Ct scan which showed swollen lymph nodes. I was sent for a mammogram all clear. Ra at its best


I can only say that I too am waiting for results now from CT scan yesterday to check for Lymph gland swelling as part of my Sjogren's Syndrome. The only swelling that was found with me was in my groin. But because Sjogren's significantly increases the risk of lymphoma - it needs to be regularly checked out. That said the risk is still only 5% and most people with swollen lymph glands and Sjogren's (primary or secondary to RA) are fine.

Your rheumy would have been aware of this risk and have known what felt sinister or not so I would allow yourself to feel reasonably reassured by their lack of concern, following examination. It's really good that you are getting an ultrasound done.

I can really relate to the anxiety and feeling that it's just one thing after another with these diseases of ours. I have to have an MRI of my brain next week to assess possible progression of small vessel disease secondary to Sjogren's. Agitation about all things health related is high - it's so very preoccupying and hard to think about much else!

Best of luck. Twitchy


Hi Bon1,

Sorry to hear that you are worrying about this. I can fully identify with this and your concerns.

I first started methotrexate in June last year and first became aware of a lump in my groin in August but didnt tell anyone til I saw my Consultant in October. Things happened quickly and I saw a soft tissue oncologist within the month (thanks to private insurance) and ultrasound was normal. Great! Apparently the lymph node is sat on top of the femoral artery, pushing it out. My weight loss apparently makes this worse and i also get over warm at night sometimes....

However, the lump is still there and is more painful some days than others and today is one of them. It is at the back of my mind but its been checked by 2 Consultants and 2 GPs so should i still worry or just go with the flow?

Im due to see the Rheumy beginning of October (unless the junior drs strike-dont get me started on that!) and may just mention it again.

I wish you all the best for your xray and ultrasound



Hello I AV swollen armpit too and very worried doc said he can't feel anythink an fort it was infection but no signs of it went bck agen an doc said take ibrofen an cum bck Agen in a wk .. Really Dnt no what to think scared the hell out of me incase there's something wrong .. I do have ra in my bck but have been just left basically .. Does ra do things like this to your body? Every nite I'm sweating latly aswell .. Linzi


I haven't any experience of this but I really wish you well with your tests. x


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