Received letter this morning feeling terrified

So back in June same time I went down to my doc with the pain in my hands I asked him to look at a mole on my foot. He wasn't sure so did me an urgent referral. I was seen the next week and told probably nothing to worry about but they would excise it anyway. By November I still hadn't had an appointment and was told I was still on the waiting list. When I told them I had RA however they got me in the next week. The consultant who removed it said he didn't think it looked serious and I would get the results within four weeks. I heard nothing. That was last November. This morning I received a letter requesting I attend an urgent dermatology appointment next week and underlined in black and highlighted in pink is the sentence. It would be advisable if you brought a relative or friend to this appointment. Of course as far as I am concerned this only happens when they are going to tell you it's cancer and you are terminal. I am already in a fragile state with uncontrolled RA and am allergic to every med at the moment.

I've just sat and balled my eyes out all morning. When I saw my rheumy in December I mentioned I had had my mole removed and she was like yes but there's no issue is there. She thought I had been sent the results. She said on the system it said the cells were abnormal but I think she said not malignant. Now I'm doubting that's what she said. They've been so appalling and lax in dermatology when I called them to ask about the long wait for the biopsy I actually said to them if it turns out to be cancer I'd sue their arse off :(

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  • Sending hugs.


  • Hope all goes well for you they underlined that on my second request breast cancer screening and a part from a blip all was well try not to worry

  • No wonder you feel terrified - that would scare anyone! It could quite well be that that's a standard letter that they send to everyone who needs a follow up, and it's just as your rheumy said that the cells are abnormal so need to keep an eye on them and do a three months follow up to be sure nothing's changed. Let us know how you get on next week, and fingers crossed that it's all fine.

  • I hope things work out for you. It's a worrying time and all this waiting I'm sure has added stress for you. I'm not sure on your hospitals policy as to notifying but I would expect if it was anything major they would have been in touch much sooner. A close friend of mine had to go in for results and she got called in much quicker than we expected. The letter had no clue and I only went with her because I was off work. She was to that day she had cancer. Had I not been with her she would have been alone. My point is hospital all do things differently. They may have requested you take someone just to help take in information.

    Will be thinking of you and let us all know how you get on.

  • Hi Frankiefarr, I have had 3 non melanoma skin cancers removed in the last 3 years and many pre cancers zapped with liquid nitrogen, I also have a cream that burns them off. I know with the first one I was very scared. Just to send you hugs and best wishes that yours is the same. xx

  • I hope everything's alright and your quite right about kicking a fuss up because that is appalling treatment and just shows what a state the NHS is in, praying for you everything is well xxx

  • So sorry that you've been sent that letter - that's enough to scare the living hell out of someone 'normal',let alone what you're already going through on a daily basis.

    Thinking of you,and keeping everything crossed that things work out well for you.

    Best wishes,and positive thoughts.

    Nicki xx

  • Please don't be so scared. 25 years ago I had a mole that changed on my stomach and I went to the doctors week in week out and eventually they sent me to a specialist in Carlisle. the first thing they asked me was to see my feet, as most people who get skin cancer have at the mole on their sole of their feet, and low and behold at the age of 26 I found out I did.

    The mole was taken out it was pre cancerous/on the change so I was safe. 9 months ago went on humira but side effects caused a change in a mole on my stomach the doctors on the island froze it off immediately and I know I am ok. Sorry I didn't answer sooner but thought medical science had moved on ,it was my partner who said maybe it hadn't and I should share my story with you. I hope above all else you will be ok

  • Thanks. Spoke to my GP tonight. He is furious. The surgery has received nothing about the results at all. He thinks it's appalling I've been sent this and so long after the biopsy too. He's going to chase the hospital tomorrow to demand what is going on

  • Thank god for such supportive GP's - I know I'd be lost without mine.

    Sending lots of positive thoughts and hugs for you x

  • best of luck truly hope it gets sorted for you

  • I hope you're worrying unduly, though it is perfectly natural you're feeling as you are, it's a big fear the position you're in. I must say though I'd be bothered about the delay in contacting you again & the urgency now.

    Similar to Junes' experience I had the same generic letter with the same part highlighted when I was re-called after my first mammogram. Something had been found & I needed a biopsy but I chose not to go back for my results, rather have them phoned to me, for no other reason than I wanted to be at home if the news wasn't good. Fortunately it was but as I said to the nurse on the phone I felt as though I could breathe again. Hoping it'll the same for you & they've made you worry unnecessarily. x

  • Sending hugs hopeople everything turns out well for you.


  • All the very best to you I can't see that it can be serious as I was referred within a week if my doctor seeing a black mole on my face I was in hospital within ten days to have it removed they said they couldn't tell if it was cancerous but got a letter shortly after saying it was a benign venous legion and no further treatment required. Also I had breast cancer six years ago and the year before I was discharged I had my last yearly mamagram I told them I was going to major a the following week and three days into my holiday they rang me asking me to ho straight back the next day I said I'm in Majorca so she booked me in for the following week it really spoilt my holiday as I was convinced the cancer had returned in my other breast I went as soon as I got back they did another mamagram and a scan only to be told there was nothing there so please don't worry I wish I hadn't xx

  • I'm so sorry you are in this position. I don't want to give you false hope, but not all mole cancers means you are terminal. A very good friend of mine had a mole on her forehead that would bleed sometimes when she brushed her hair. I came with her to the oncologist and he sent her to a dermatologist who removed it. The mole regrew and again she had to have it removed....apparently her cancerous mole is "self contained" and as long as they keep removing it , she is fine.

    All the best to you


  • Any news from your GP Frankiefarr?

  • No not yet. Still waiting and he is off tomorrow though he suggested I contact the surgery to see if anything has come back tomorrow anyway :(

  • I think if the appt were specifically to tell you that you had cancer, they would have let the GP know first and the GP's surgery would have asked you to come in.

    It sounds to me like they might want to do some more treatment for which it would be best to have someone with you so you are accompanied home. The treatment may be something like cauterising or freezing the abnormal cells. They don't normally just leave them to see if they turn cancerous. This is quite common with cervical smears - when they find abnormal cells, they cauterise/freeze the cervix. They might want to freeze your foot and you won't be able to walk afterwards. I don't think they've ever been good or forthcoming in explaining things.

    Skin cancer is accessible and treatment has a high rate of success, unlike internal cancers.

    I am surprised about the "urgent referral". I had one before Christmas and the first appt - for which they had to send me to another hospital - was 15 days later. I had a letter this morning to confirm they were doing "urgent" investigations but these are not until the end of January despite searching other hospitals - the state of the NHS, I'm afraid.

  • Frankifar,

    You would be entitled to sue the pants off them. How dare the system put a person through this. Keep strong; they make so many misdiagnosis'.

    All the best. Dawn

  • They took the whole mole and I am being seen in the clinic where they don't do any minor surgery.

    I had to speak to my rheumy nurse this morning as I've reacted to the sulfasalazine. She had a quick look on the hospital system for me. She said she didn't understand what dermatology had written on there but it did say no sign of malignancy though cells were abnormal.

    I suspect therefore the appointment will be to look at all the other moles I have and perhaps take some more from round the mole area although it is on my instep so difficult. Who knows but there care has been shocking and I will be raising it. My RA needless to say is flaring badly

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