My son has invited me to Kitacon this year ( he's the chairman! )

So it's a four day festival of anime , Japanese culture, geek and cos play. . So I had to make a costume .... If you look up lumpy space princess you will see that I'm trying to be a cartoon of a purple cloud princess yep really!!!

So I got a glue gun and started sticking purple net to a dress! Ouch ouch ouch . Loads of expletives and painkillers later I came up with the above !!

Makeup still to do in purple of course but thought you'd get a laugh at the result!

Think that makes me an official geek now???

It's in a Hilton and I have my own room and there's spa , massage etc and day day exhibition and night time partee! Sounds like my kind of thing !! See you all after the weekend and keep well .

Sorry as usual my pictures are sideways ! Love A x

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  • Have a lovely time

  • Have a lot of fun! Enjoy it!

    Specially the spa and massages, and not to forget, the food!


  • Love it. You go enjoy yourself :-) . Feeling bit low at the moment but this has cheered me up! Alison xx

  • When are we going.MC

  • Lol leave tomorrow Matt, bring your oxygen and a doctor who outfit!! :)

  • Brill!!! Sure you'll be the belle of the ball, have you perfected the voice? Have a great time A. x

  • No the voice is male!

  • That sounds like so much fun. The spa part sounds right up my street. :)

    Are conventions a new 'thing' in the UK? I've just been hearing about them from quite a few people and wondered if I was missing a trick!


  • No they have been going a few years , bit like Comicon in America x

  • Have a brilliant time and a lovely massage after the partying. X

  • You look fabulous daahling! Rather like a frothy explosion in blueberry patch. Have a really fab time partying and being pampered xx

  • Sideways pictures is an anomaly of the iphone Allanah.

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