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Hi everybody!

It's that time of year when some of us suffer from white, purple and extremely painful fingers and toes.

I desperately need something as my regular woolen gloves are not enough.

Can anyone recommend any gloves or products that might help with Raynaud's?

I actually live in Spain so I will have to get it shipped out to me

Thanks so much and stay warm!

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  • I worked with someone with Raynauds - scleroderma and she wore silk glove liners, what about silk undies too to keep your whole body warm - either that or merino wool, that's supposed to be good too, I bought merino layers for a cold damp holiday we had on the Outer Hebrides this year and they were excellent, I was never cold.

  • I'm fortunate in that I don't have Raynauds but can recommend silk for warmth. I bought a couple of silk jumpers years ago from Carrefour of all places & they're fine (as in weight) but incredibly warm. I also have silk lined leather gloves & also some microfibre fleece ones, both keep my hands lovely & warm.

  • I suffer badly from Raynauds. I have tried many methods including silver 'under' gloves and 2 layers of gloves (restricted circulation), battery powered heated gloves (heavy), gloves inside ski mitts (cumbersome) and so on . .

    My current success story consists of keeping my core warm at all times so several layers of fitted tops under a fleecy jumper plus gloves from The North Face - mine are made from shaggy fleece and look like bear paws! They weren't cheap but they are the absolute best.

    Keep warm x

  • My husband suffers badly with raynauds. Last winter I purchased a pair of heated glove liners. Fantastic.!! He's a keen photographer and found the heated ski gloves far to cumbersome. ( he wears a second pair on top. ). He's been so impressed that he's just bought a heated gillet!! Anyway the company is blazewear.com/

    The're not cheap but well worth it. There was a promotional code available for discount- not sure if that's still current. - #blazewear

    If you read some of the reviews on the site, there are a number of raynauds sufferers..

  • Gosh, I've not got raynauds but I just get really cold - my husband says I was built without a thermostat - well I have got Graves' disease so I blame my thyroid - and I have found SO many really good suggestions for everyone who has replied. so thank you all even though it wasn't me you were replying to 😉

  • If it is really bad Raynauds, there are meds that can do something to stimulate the circulation in your hands. I'm not sure how commonly the meds are used, or what side effects they might have (I think they do have some effect on your heart or heart rate), but I would think it would be worth at least asking your doctor about whether meds might help.

  • Calcium channel blockers may be prescribed for Raynaud's to cause blood vessels to dilate. Just be cautious if you also have erythromelalgia (feet and/or hands turn red at night). EM can go hand in hand with Raynaud's, it's like it's a rebound effect from the vasoconstriction of Raynaud's. My doctor prescribed Norvasc two months ago for Raynaud's. I took one at bedtime and had a horrible reaction. Woke at 3 am with very bright red tingling hot arms and legs, had to run cold water over them. Later found out that Norvasc is known to trigger EM. My nerves still haven't fully recovered from that episode.

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