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Strictlycomeblogging by shaky pins!

Shaky pins here. I'm so nervous, never done anything like this before. What was I thinking, when I signed up ?!!! I blame the tramadol- obviously I was not in my right mind!

But, why not? Good excuse for splashing out on a new outfit. I've tried many, my friend came for moral support. Mistake taking a friend with Aspergers, I was told bluntly that yes my bum does look big!

The shoes, well let's just say transsexuals have great taste in shoes, and as I'm a wide size 8 I'm sorted. Thanks Charlie. So hear goes....

1,2,3. 1,2,3

Please doctor what's wrong with me?

Swollen wrists, painful joints,

Stiff in the morning, Oh my knee

Blood tests taken, prodded, poked

Off to rheumatology I go

1,2,3 1,2,3

Oh, when will the consultant see me?

Sitting in the waiting room

I'm nervous, all can see

Please pick my number,

Pick me me me..!

1,2,3. 1,2,3

Please, please will someone call me?

I've sat for 3 hours, I'm hurting and need a wee! And...

Everyone looks much older than me

1,2,3 1,2,3

A name.. Oh bliss it's me

Ouch, wait WAIT.. I can't get up u see!

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Hi Case.... I love this... Well done :) c


Fabulous xxx


What can I say....FAB-U-Lous!!! x


Well, thank u thank u. I just had to go and have a lie down, swallow some tablets and pop a couple of heat pads on the old knees and wrists.. But wow, I feel good!


Hi Case that was brilliant don't know why you were so nervous, I'm glad you got my place i am still going through a bad time with my RA but I will be following you, enjoy yourself and have a great time.Matt


Thank you Matt. Poor u, really hope things settle down soon. Take care. X


Loved it x



Twirling in the waiting room before sinking gratefully into a chair - such style:-}

Cece x

Reply made me laugh and I understand it completely!!!!!


Great x


I was NOT expecting true to the ra-dance you are!


Beooootiful. Keeping in time and feet position pointy. Love it, love it. From Bruno Toenailoily


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