A Tribute To Whitney

A Tribute To Whitney

I doubt there can be very many who do not know Whitney Houston.

I first heard the news Saturday night, When the announcement broke into the regular program, that Whitney Houston was found dead, in the bath tub in her hotel room, where she weas staying , preparing to attend the Grammy Awards for Music tonight (Sun). That was quite a shock to end the day with.

Back in the 80's, when my boys were all in high school, one grade after the next, their music resounded throughout the house, greeting me when I arrived home from work, about a half hour after them. Often, there could be a stereo system on in each of 3 rooms, including the kitchen, not always on the same station! I didn't mind, if I could hear Whitney, as I went about preparing to prepare supper for 6 or more bodies. They often had friends stay over for supper if there was a game or practice to attend later.

Everything Whitney sang rings through my head. Admittedly, I do not have any CDs of hers. My albums are all vinyl, so I haven't gotten the 3 speed record changer out for a long time, but I surely will tomorrow!

I watched the emotional tributes to her on the Grammy's Awards tonight.

"I Will Always Love You", "Saving All My Love For You", so many others, all seemed to speak to a simpler, more innocent time, than what we have known in this century, so far. I used to sing along with her all the time as I worked about the house, meaning every word I sang.

As Barbra Streisand said " It is unfortunate the beautiful gifts she gave us and made us happy, could not bring her happiness.(not an exact quote)

Our hearts go out to her lovely daughter and her mother. We have all lost a treasure.

PS Adele won atleast 5 Grammys tonight, if I recall correctly :)

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Lets home it wasn't the drugs. Her daughter was taken to hospital later yesterday. how aren you my friend.

love sylvi.xx


Hi loret yes it is a shame to lose someone so amazingly talented! May god bless those she leaves behind xxx



lovely words and memories from a time when the world didn't seem to be such a bad place. As Treesha says may their god bless those left behind. Mind you i would love to go or listen and watch the funeral could be some pretty good singing done.

tricia P


RIP Whitney.

She was an amazing talent her voice is on the soundtrack of my teens. 18 is way too young to lose your mom (Poor Child) and 48 is way too young an age to die...



i couldn't say it any better Custard.



Whitney had a unbelieveable voice, she will live on forever in her music.We are all shocked and saddened at this tremendous loss.



its all very sad xx


Sorry to hear another great talent gone, such a waste. Amy Winehouse was another such wasted talent. Rip Whitney.


Another good one passes away young. So sad



im sorry she passed away but another star with incredible talent wasted her life with drugs and booze .... i know her downfall was i believe when she met bobby brown ... i just feel sorry for her daughter



I'm also so sad that the beautiful Whitney has gone from this world , I just hope she is now at peace ;(

But I also agree with Essexgirl that Bobby Brown was her downfull............I just hope that her Daughter stays away from the drugs and life that has taken her Mum too soon <3

Jan Xx


We here also think that, pretty obvious isn't it? But somebody close to here was enabling her by providing the stuff! There realy should be a criminal investigation, maybe if the law comes down hard on those creeps, others will stay away from their claws!!


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