HOPALONGRIDER proves that RA does not mean that your life has to stop!

HOPALONGRIDER proves that RA does not mean that your life has to stop!

Hi everybody, some time ago my fabulous daughter wrote a blog on this site telling you about the life she is leading as a disabled athlete with a fabulous horse and RA. She had many, many comments and messages of support from you all, which were so appreciated.

Now she needs your support again! PLEASE go to the NUROFEN facebook page, then to 'BIG LIVES' and VOTE for Bert Sheffield. Each month NUROFEN awards £1500 cash to help make someone's big dream come true - and she is one of the five finalist for June. Your VOTE would be so appreciated!

I do hope that some of you follow Bert and her progress to get to RIO 2016 on her website, bertsheffieldparaequestrian...

Next job - please - go to NUROFEN BIG LIVES and VOTE!

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  • lovely website, good luck in Rio!!

  • Here's the direct link to vote! Good Luck Bert :D


  • thanks. please encourage all your friends to vote.

  • it says something like next application July 2013, so can we still vote now??

  • under that it says VOTE NOW, click and then you have the choice of 5 to choose from, obviously I would love you to choose Roberta! Thanks for doing this, please if you can get anyone else to vote, please do!

  • Going to the link now......Good luck

    Anne xx

  • many thanks to those who voted. Roberta did not win the £1,500 to help her dream come true, she received about 100 votes and the winner over 6oo so not even close! Good luck to the roller skater who won.

    Roberta is riding for Canada next week in the first major international to be held in the UK since London last year. The dream of riding and winning a medal at the 2016 Paralympic Games in Rio is still her focus. Each step brings her closer. Training is a huge cost, and dressage is one of the sports, like ballet dancing, where daily training is essential.

    It is due in part to Roberta being fortunate enough to see a very 'positive' consultant when she first went to Uni. that she knew that RA was not the reason to stop following her dream. First consultant told her she would never be able to do what she is doing now, but not the fabulous one in Birmingham! Positive thinking really helps, and we know how difficult that can be at times, it is you, yourself, that puts limits on what you can achieve, not RA! Roberta is on Anti TNF drugs and then stuff to help with the pain. Thank you again for those who voted - your support is always appreciated.

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