Meet Bridget, The Irish Princess MaineCoon (Cat)

Meet Bridget, The Irish Princess MaineCoon (Cat)

I may speak of her often. Never have I known a more personable, devoted, loving, adorable, beautiful, smart and loving creature!

I was blessed with Bridget 3 years ago. There on the bulletin board at the grocery story was a large poster with her picture, asking for someone to adopt her, as her people were moving and couldnot take her with them. I phoned, they brought her to me and I was in love! I sat and held her while her owner went back to the house to get her food, toys, etc for her.

She's been stuck like Velcro to me ever since. She sleeps beside my head, on a satin pillow case with a small littlesoft pillow inside, for her little head.

Of course she is pampered and spoiled! But she gives back so much. Like when she reaches over with her "arm" and touches my cheek, or my arm, just to say "I love you mommy".

They had named her "Cat". That was not going to do. My previous cat, a white, longhaired Angora was named Sylvester, after my Great grandfather who came from Ireland. His wife was Bridget. I lost Sylvester at the age of 15, a few months before I met Bridget. It was only fitting that she should be named Bridget. Surely Sylvester sent her to me, knowing how lonely I was and how I missed him.

Merry Christmas Everyone, and Best of wishes for an even better New Year!!

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She is absolutely fabulous. I love cats, but hubby does'nt so we only have dogs, but I always had cats when I was young.

Oh you have made me want a big cuddly, purry, cat. meeeooowww!

xx Gina.


I know, and big, fluffy, warm and cuddly ones are addictive!


Oh, she's beautiful! But all cats are beautiful! They all have their little affectionate ways, the little mew, little rub against the arthritic knees.... The way they seem to sense dead people!!! All my cats do this....


Uh, Dead people? I have heard of cats in a nursing home seeming to know when a patient is dying, as they stay right there on the bed with them. Too often to be coincidence.

They are very good for keeping your blood pressure under control, and for instant smiles!


We had cats at home when i was young, we had a white one and we called him snowball. He was a lovely cat,we also had two more,old patch and lucky. Now i look after buster when my neighbours go away and we are cat sitting now as they have gone to the usa to visit their son. As soon as they go he's in our house demanding food and then he will spend his time sleeping on one of the chairs in my lounge. He is nearly twenty and i will be as hearbroken as they will when he goes.

Yes cats do sense spirits don't know how. They are very loving animals and i sometimes wish we had one. I might get one if buster goes.

You ok loretta. As you can see from the time i'm not sleeping very well due to this chest of mine.



Bridget is gorgeous!!! I love all animals especially dogs but my hubby and I both work full time and he's allergic to dogs so we had two cats Sampson and Babs. Sadly we lost Sammo 2 yrs ago and I was distraught and cried for 3 days. Babs is 17 a bit deaf and now has dementia. She is so clingy to me and howls until I sit down so she can get on my lap. Bridget looks so MAGESTIC! Your blessed to have each other xxx


i loved this little story, glad you have bridgit :) shes so cute! hope you have a lovely xmas xxx


Yes, a lovely looking cat. And can't believe someone just gave her away - you were lucky to have seen the notice. I've always wanted one, but have never seen one in the rescue centres here. Hope you both have a great holiday together. Polly


Beautifull - I have 2 cats, siberians, Boris and Ivan, and they're great at cheering you up (and keeping your lap warm) Cats - everyone should have one!


Hi Loret, she is absolutely gorgeous. I have one cat a Burmese called Minniemae, as well as the two labrador dogs. I love cats - Minniemae is usually found on my knee cuddled up, or draped over my shoulder. At night, she is in her fleece under the radiator in the conservatory or on the radiator in the sitting room.

Have a lovely Christmas. LavendarLady x


Was nice to see so many liked Bridget's picture. I told her last night I had shown her picture all over the world! Well, I might have exagerated a little :)

But she is a dear. Except..she is a creature of habit, and insists I stick with her habits! Like..I have been in the kitchen baking for several days, she knows, around 3pm, we go lay down and rest. So, near that time, every day, she stands in the doorway, yelling at me to hurry it up. How does she know what time it is. Could be how she sees daylight, but shoot, we have hardly had any daylight, for 5-6 days now! lol.

Or, she wants me to stop what I'm doing and just sit with her in "our" chair. Then she jumps up into the chair when she sees me headed for it and I then have to gently move her aside, she hollers but I know it's all part of her game.

She also is a built -in timer for the phone! If I have been talking long enough, she gets up in my face and meows into the phone and the friend says :Hi Bridget" back to her..another game she plays.

\ Bedtime is another story, another time. I must hit the kitchen while sleeping cat is sleeping! Happy Christmas to all, and to all a Goodnight! Loret


What a beauty.. my two moggies give much joy too xx


What could we do with out them. They can be so comforting, I just see dogs as being too demanding! The cats take care of themselves, all they need is a private little privy, and food and water in the dishes , and lots of attention. And they give it back! I think mine knows when I am feeling less than joyous, she wants to be on my lap, not beside me. Little things, like she looks up at me as adoringly as possible. They are surely God's treasures.


I call my cat 'God's little gift'. He's a little joy. I got him because a friend reported him maltreated: they had got a fighting dog (an illegal breed) and used the kitten to chase (my Fergal). They used to throw stones at said cat until my friend robbed him & bought him to me. He's such an affectionate puss, but runs scared when he hears a man's voice.


Those people need to be reported to the Police, or the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, or whatever it might be in the UK. That is just awful! Poor little guy!

I believe cats behave in a manner that reflects the love and attention they receive. When our maternal instincts are still with us, but our children have fled the nest, we need a cat or two, to indulge in, baby them, cuddle and love them and most of all, talk to them. I tell Bridget every morning, "Mommy wuv's Bridgie, Bridgie's mommy's girl, (I have 4 sons) Mommy and Bridgie are pals, etc." she soaks it all up, I'm sure if my sons heard me they would think I had gone daft!

But, it must matter to the cat, because she gives back in many ways. Best of all, she makes me smile.

I think I should write a book about her little habits!

How old is your little boy cat? Bridget is 8 yrs old. She has some signs of kidney failure, but not much can be done, but give her the best diet. My daughter-in-law is a Veterinarian, so I am so blessed that I can trust her to look after Bridget.

I must return to my kitchen for a few more hours, Bridget is snoozing on the bed beside the computer, so if I be really quiet she won't want to go with me. If she wakes up, she wants a ride on the walker seat! Nah, she's not spoiled! :) Give your little guy a nice hug from across the sea!


I have to take a guess that he's about 4 years old. He took a long time to trust & is still tentative. He will only trust my voice, but I'll give him a little cuddle from across the sea!


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