PIP assessment done!!

Hi everyone, had my pip assessment last Monday!

How can I explain?? Odd!! Lovely lady but only allocated 45 mins to chat!?

She typed as we chatted about the issues and struggles I have etc in everyday life.

She seemed to understand about the struggles but we will see!.

At the end I asked about why she hadn't asked about the struggle i have washing and bathing and she replied as you have struggle getting in/out bath/shower then she didn't need to as it is obvious I have problems with all this!. Not sure if that's positive or not!?

She could see all the swelling especially in my knee, which I had to have drained on Thursday at hospital,and another steroid put in, so the evidence was there!!

4-8 weeks now to wait, and with my employers now dropping my wages by £4000 per year as I can no longer work shifts and long hrs,I can't afford to lose this too!!,

Oh well it's always a waiting game!

Kind regards everyone


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  • Hi Ant, I hope you have a positive result from the assessment. If you need more information about work, do give our helpline team a call on 0800 298 7650 or you can find our information at nras.org.uk/work

    Best wishes,

    Ruth Grosart

    NRAS Digital Media Manager & HU Admin

  • Good luck! Xx it's just come into our area so think we will all get the assessment soon aaaargj

  • I shouldn't have thought you'd have too much to be concerned about A! x

  • Ye but from others on here who are so ill and still getting low mobility it just makes you not trust the system!

  • Don't get me wrong, there are definitely flaws but my point really was you have so much rubbish going on & you're not a simple case. I understand where you're coming from though, because of the lack of medical evidence to prove why I have walking difficulties I fell short on Mobility but was awarded enhanced Daily Care as everything but my feet was detailed. Had I been applying now I have all the evidence they desire & I would think your supporting evidence will clearly set out your issues for both components.

  • I hope when the brown envelope comes it's a yippee moment Ant. My assessment took just about an hour & some of my issues were skipped over once the initial questions were answered, though she did say it's quite obvious I couldn't do certain things. Certainly sounds positive for you as far as being awarded Daily Care at least is concerned! Fingers crossed for you..... do let us know won't you?

  • Good luck Dave, i hope you get a good result, i myself had my assessement friday and am too playing the waiting and hoping game... X

  • Thanks everyone fingers xxxxx!!

  • Hi I have just finished filling in my form which to say the least was a long hard struggle.

    Now waiting for an appointment. I am actually having nightmares over the assessment. Thing is I don't know what they expect as a the minute I have a flare in my left ring finger, I'm left handed so apart from it being really painful I can't hold anything. Just getting over a flare in my ankle so I'm able to walk ok.

    What are they assessing us on as I've heard it's how we are on the day.

    Good luck hope it's good news for you. Rachel

  • Rachel, last December I posted how my PIP assessment went if you want some idea what to expect, you'll find it here healthunlocked.com/nras/pos....

    To some degree how you are on the day is observed but of course your application also gives information as to how you cope. I had been off MTX for 3 weeks due to needing antibiotics so I wasn't terribly good anyway.

    I hope you haven't too long to wait for your assessment date.

  • Hi Rachel, I filled my form in last July and has taken this long.

    Hopefully they can appreciate that we are all ill and we have more bad than good days!

    I just tried To be honest but not got a great feeling! Maybe should have said more but only allocated 45 mins so tricky! She did write everything I said though so hope find out soon!!! Good luck to you too!


  • Hi Dave74

    I really hope it's good news for you when you get notified. I'm on DLA and will be re-assessed for pip soon and I'm absolutely dreading it!!!

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