Sorry meant agony

Sorry about that didn't realise it should have said agony with your gallstones and know 52 isn't ancient, apart from when you are 18 then it seems it. I had some good news yest had a letter from job centre said I been placed in the support group for esa I asked if I still have to attend appointment at job centre she said no and she was sorry that I wasn't told this when I rang 2 days ago she said the fella should have told me and she apologised as she said she could see that I'd been lied to before and all the problems I'd had which had resulted in them stopping my money. I said it's so hard when you have never been on benefits and the stress it causes is something we could all do without but especially when you are struggling to cope financially and emotionally but I said I was just glad I hadn't got to go the job centre because it is a worry. So hopefully 1 less worry for a little while.

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Hi Bunker1, because you are clicking on 'write a post' this means you are creating a new discussion for replying to a post way down the post board and people reading it will not understand because it is now separated from the original message\posting. To reply to an older post, you tap the reply button below that original message or tap the reply box of the person's message and this will keep your reply in the same discussion chain. Even if it is an older posting, the person you are replying to will get an email to say someone has responded\replied to their message. Hope this makes sense - as a new posting in response to replying to someone in an old posting sometimes does not make any sense when it's started as a new post, and members may not respond because they are confused.

I'm so glad you managed to solve your difficulty with the job centre and the money worries are allayed. Sometimes sleeping on a problem and then speaking to a different person can achieve a better outcome - well done for trying different avenues.

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