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Hi, folks, today Bella came home, still looking for Olga but she settled on my knee and licked my swollen finger joints for a few minutes. Let her share my lemon muffin with custard and cappucino. Early days for both of us.

I had a phone call from the Job Centre yesterday. The Job Centre advisor wants to know how the work hunt is going and made some thinly veiled threats about 'not looking for work'. In the earlydays when my symptons began and I was waiting for medical appointments the advisor suggested I was swinging the lead, when told of the diagnose she was surprised and went quiet. I'm 63 years this month. My RA affects multiple joints and at the moment struggling a little with mobility. The meds are taking affect as is the indoor cycling. I struggle sometimes getting out of bed and dressing. I can no longer type at 60+ wpm, sitting for long periods is tiring and I still get tired due to mild anemia, not drinking enough Guinness. No-one is looking at my on line CV and having spoken to severalagencies, they contacted me, the possibility of getting work is remote. I am doing a recognised proofreading course with the offer of freelance work at the end, minimum pass mark required but so far no problems.

I didn't like the way the advisor spoke to me and felt her attitude unreasonable. I've been working since I was 18 years and made redundant last September. I'm sure that had the company not made redundancies I could have reduced my hours. I'm alone and the job was a big part of my life. I'd fill or address envelopes if asked but know I can't do certain types of jobs. Anyone else had a bad jobcentre experience and/or dealt with advisors who showed a total lack of understanding.

13 Replies
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Hi yes they are horrific You should maybe make a complaint

And make sure all your health issiues are recorded on their system as well.that usually toes them in line for future

Also maybe consider going on esa sickness benefits and maybe go in the work group that way the tuppence worth cannot try do the cruel and barbaric sanctions on you not allowed on esa that could be her next move

And they help you with getting back in work etc without the attitude and threats and your health has to get taken into consideration

Hope you get no more grief

I missread what you wrote and thought you said custard cappuccino, thought it sounded lovely 😍

Glad your cat has come home x

The person from the jobcentre must hear all things under the sun, they probably are in shock someone is actually looking for work !

Hope something pans out soon

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Ask your GP for a fit note due to RA and this will stop them hassling you

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Job centre was extremely helpful with me After a few weeks they realised my predicament with health and pointed me in direction of claiming ESA

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I agree with others, you have to see your GP for a fit note and then apply for ESA. I was made redundant at 63 and was on ESA till I retired. I was going to job centre and had to go to with 18year olds to get advice on filling in forms etc. How embarrassing as I’ve worked since I was 15 and never been out of work. Yes, you have the embarrassing f2f assessments but it’s better than going to the Job Centre. I was ever so glad when I retired. Best wishes xx

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Apply for ESA now, otherwise you may not qualify if you do not have enough NI contributions in the previous 2 years. Good luck

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Ritaritis in reply to ExAcc

Good afternoon EXAcc, thankyou I am currently on ESA and have a few more to beenable to claim. It's been suggested I apply for early retirement and will look into. 🐕

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What a dam cheek !!!!

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The dwp make my blood boil! I'm so sorry you're having this on top of everything else. I try and remember that whatever other people think is about them, and has very little to do with you.

I spent years helping my very disabled dad with claims and things and one thing that I learned was to always stress how you are currently being affected. It's good that they know about your RA - now make sure they know how it's affecting your day to day life. Explaining to them that you're struggling to get dressed/can't cook or do shopping for yourself (this is me atm)/ need to sleep for 12 hours a night or whatever is important along with your diagnosis.

Best of luck - hope that the dwp finds something useful to do with its time and stops bothering you soon

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Unfortunately, the few people who do swing the lead, poison the minds of the advisors. I'm sorry that the advisor made you feel like that and you have to steel yourself to be firm and consistently remind them that you have a long-term condition that impairs your functioning in a very unpleasant and painful way.

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As some others have said, go to your GP and get a sick note. There’s a box saying how long the ‘sickness’ will last. Take that with you to your Job centre and say you think you should be in the ESA ‘Support’ Group. Things have changed, but it used to take 3 months for them to make a decision. Gather any other medical info in the interim (add it to anything you have already). You aren’t well enough to work atm and even if you get treatment, that can take a couple of years before you know what’s what. Good Luck.

Unfortunately in the Benefit System you have to fight for things you are entitled to when you are poorly ☹️. Take care xx Also apply for the Warm Home discount if you can… it will help with heating costs x Many suppliers do a ‘wider range’ group x

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Please do call our Helpline if you would like advice, we are open Monday-Friday from 9:30am until 4:30pm. You can call NRAS on 0800 298 7650.

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I did and wish I had put in a complaint. You should definitely if you haven't already.

I know what you mean about work. I've worked most of my life only having 4 months off after I had my daughter.

Its bad enough having to deal with AI disease daily without having someone who is meant to help being unpleasant.

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