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Psoriasis, autoimmune

This is a program that comes our PBS station once a week. They are dr's who discuss diseases and treatments. There are many episodes on various discussions. This one is interesting as they touched on joint inflammation and rheumatoid disease and the treatments used in various arthritis ailments. You can check out the web site and watch the episodes. Hope you in the UK and also view them.

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Not sure if we can get this programme but have bookmarked the page so hopefully can get more from there.


Should be able to watch episodes on line.


Thanks for that Marsha,

I've checked it out and have also listened to the episode on inflammation as well as the one on chronic pain both of which were also very interesting and thought provoking (I found the episodes on UTube)




Thanks here too Marsha. The Second Opinion programme on inflammation was so helpful to me. I have long had an intuition that my RD is related or was pushed into a tipping point, into full active disease, in part because I have had digestive problems for many years and have not been able to pinpoint what this is but suspect some form of leaky gut syndrome or coeliac disease. Gluten free and cutting out dairy seems a very good way to go. Thanks again.




I have a 21 history of rd and gut problems. I went gluten dairy grain and nightshade free in January following the autoimmune protocol by dr Sarah Ballantyne

I am feeling much better, lost weight and have much more energy.

KiKi x

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Thanks for this Marsha

I am watching to programme on inflammation on my iphone in the doctors surgery car park waiting to go see my gp.

I note the doctors all rule out RA because the lady in the case study has a negative Rh factor. They get there eventually.

Also the host calls NSAIDs non specific anti inflam drugs. In uk we call then non steroidal anti inflam drugs.



Thank you Kikideelilli

I will get on to Dr Sarah Ballantye's protocol as am clueless about nutrition really.

On the programme itself. it was facinating to see all the separate medical experts together in one room sorting a diagnosis out, rather than having a patient bounce around between them. The host remarked upon this sort of 'joined up treatment' as being the future for autoimmune disease. Hope so!



I hope so too! I think in the future there will be autoimmune clinics.


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