Still ill

Morning all,well i am still full of a virus/flu though i am begining to think it is starting to break hopefully. I have been pretty rough this week,so much that i have even gone back to bed during the day this week(so unheard of from me) I am still on the antibiotics so hopefully by the time the drugs are finished i should be back to my old self. Hugs for all who need

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  • Hug on its way. If you don't feel any better by the end of your meds. Back to GP ........ xx

  • I will darling,but i think it is starting to break,i jst feel slightly different if you know what i mean. Hugs sweetheart.xxxx

  • Gentle hugs back. Love virtual hugs as they are very gentle and much needed at the moment. Hope you are on the mend very soon

  • Oh I hope so too Sylvi. Keep cosy warm & don't worry about being in bed during the day, your body's telling you it needs to rest to recover properly. (x)

  • All the best sylvi, hope you feel better soon


  • Oh bless, getyour lovely man to continue to pamper you. Remember this storm will pass x

  • Hope you feel better soon


  • Thank you ladies. I went up the village on my scooter this morning to get some bread and i took my camera with me. I enjoyed the chance to get out for a spell,but i am now shattered now and it took a hell of a lot out of me. Reminding i am still not as well as i would like.xxxx

  • Oh Sylvi I know how you feel. I had a big before Xmas which went on and on. The fluey bug this winter has been particularly bad. I had a cough and cold for 10 weeks. I do hope you are turning a corner now. Take care KiKi x

  • Hang in there hon. Lots of gentle hugs to you. Antibiotics always send me to sleep so don't fight it if you need to have more rest/sleep. Do just that. xxx

  • Thank you, i think it broke last night as my tinnitus went off again and i was sick. I felt awful the room went round like a go a good one. I settled down to sleep and when i got up this morning i feel a lot better,my ear is still making a noise,but i feel so much brighter. I am hoping this is the turning point.

    Thank you all for your kind words,it is heartening to know so many of you care. Hugs to you

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