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Poorly Girl!

Hi everyone!

Let me start my saying that I feel bad for not being on here before now, but in truth, up until Monday I was doing ok and my RA was finally under control. Not that it is an excuse, because I could have supported many people on here who are maybe not having such a good time! I know now how important this site is and am sorry for not supporting it.

Anyway, I want to take this opportunity to share my recollection of the last week!

I was suffering from a sniffly nose last Sunday. I had driven to Exeter on Saturday to see my mum and sister at a craft show (we are card makers) and although a little tired from driving, I felt ok! Sunday I had a bit of a 'cold' but again nothing to worry about!!! I went to work on Monday, and even managed a little walk. However, that's when things changed. I came home from work and told my husband that I had ear ache and really didn't feel too good. I went to bed and slept badly. When I woke up I hurt all over, had a hacking cough, my ears were on fire and my cheeks bright red. I dosed myself up and rested all day. I went to bed dosed up and soon realised that this was not just an ordinary cold. I rang my Rheumy team, who couldn't have been more unhelpful! I managed to get a doctors appointment on Wednesday at 4.20pm where with temperature of 39.1 and a heart rate of over 160, I was fast tracked to Bournemouth Hospital and on a bed before 5.15pm. I have to admit that I was shocked and very scared, there was me thinking I just had a cold, oh no! I have an badly infected ear and sinuses and because of all my RA meds, my immune system was having a party with my joints and not the infection. My heart rate was high as it was trying to flush to infection out but not succeeding. I had an ECG, a chest x-ray and loads of blood tests. I had a bag of saline and once my blood results came back, I was given antibiotics intravenously.

Slowly, but surely, my temperature came down (37 at 4am Thursday morning!) and my heart rate had lowered to a reading that I was out of danger (about60!). I had another dose of antibiotics and lots more tests and at 10.30am this morning I was told I could go home!


I am still very weak, have a hacking cough and am completely exhausted, but with my husband waiting on me hand and foot, I know I will be better soon.

Armed with balsam tissues, Vaseline for my very sore nose, cough medicine and antibiotics and a lot of rest I am looking forward to feeling normal again!

I have to say that the doctors and nurses who treated me was fabulous even though they were concerned with my very fast beating heart!

I was warned that this could happen with all the medication I take, but I had no idea that I could have deteriorated so quickly. I wanted to share this, to make others aware and to ask if anyone else had experienced anything like this.

I'm so sorry this is so long and I wish everyone a good day :)

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this kind of sharing is what its all about isn't it. Thanks for the post - I hope you get to feel much better very soon, and that you can rest to really recover.


Thank you Cathie!


Hiya PJ68. On the contrary it's an excellent post to serve as a reminder that we should not dismiss feeling not quite right on our meds or report any unusual issues. A scary episode for you & your family I'm sure. An example for me is if I've started what would otherwise be a simple cold to a "healthy" person I generally go to my GP or ring if I prefer not to wait along with similarly sneezy people in the waiting room & she prescribes me antibiotics if it's become or suspected to become bacterial. It has meant in the past that I've had to stop MTX until the course is finished, dependant on the antibiotic she thinks is appropriate to knock it on the head. Three weeks is usually the limit thankfully because otherwise I really start to miss it!

I'm pleased you're now on the better side but it must have been very worrying at the time!


What a scary time for you & yours. I wish you better & thank you for reminding us that however well we're doing on the meds,we do have a serious medical condition.

Rest up & take care x



GP appointment now booked for Tuesday am.

Thank you.


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