Hi all

I've had this cold virus for about a week now. I have been feeling bad since Friday. I ache all over, my head hurts, as well as my back. Gp offered me my flu jab on Friday, but I felt to awful to have it, so I have postponed it for a couple of weeks. Hopefully I will be over this virus by then.

Decided to skip mtx and maybe enbrel this week. The gp did give me a short course of antibiotics to take, if I felt that I needed them. I've not started them as yet and so far I am managing on cocods mainly with the assistance of anti flams.

My hands hurt intermittently and I suppose this will only get worse if I skip RA drugs. Feeling miserable. :( :(

Hope you are all well

Joanne xx

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  • Hope you soon feel better Siqueen.xxxx

  • Thanks Sylvi

  • I've had a rotten cold for a week+ too and want it to go so I've just arranged to get antibiotics. Inflammation anywhere can give rise to painful RA symptoms. Hope you feel better soon


  • Hope you feel better soon too.

    Hopefully we won't flare & need The antibiotics

    Joanne x

  • Hi all those fellow cold sufferers - it's a pig isn't it - guess it's that time of year again. Just a thought though - I thought antibiotics only worked on infections, not against viruses!


  • Hi

    Antibiotics relieve the symptoms of viruses, so minimising the chance of a flare. It also makes you feel better, although you are still fighting the infection.

    Hope that helps

    Joanne x

  • I don't think that's quite correct. Antiobiotics will only deal with any bacterial infections arising from a viral infection. They won't have ANY effect on the virus or its symptoms.

  • I'm just starting to breathe again after the worst cold in years. Took advice here; rest and warm drinks. Yesterday I felt better so took off shopping, tripped over a cobble and am now aching all over. I had wondered if I had fractured a wrist but it seems better after a night in a splint.

    At the station a woman about my age cautioned me about the gap between the train and the platform and offered to help. That was BEFORE the incident with the cobble! Inside I am still about 22, fit and healthy.

    Best wishes to all the cold sufferers out there.

  • Hope you're wrist continues to improve.

    I've done a wash this morning & walked the dog and I now feel pooped (tired).

    I have lost my appetite and sleeping alot. Decided not to take mtx, as it's my day to take it. Hope my RA doesn't become too bad.

    Thanks Joanne x

  • I'm ill atm feeling grim! Hope you feel better soon! :)

  • Same to you Kitty kat x

  • Hi I've just been taken of MTX as side effects were becoming tread full...I've been on it for over five years and I'm still going to have my infusion of infliximub next week. The MTX MADE ME FEEL SO LOUSY but I'm not sure if it is the R/A or the meds only time will tell..I'm very nervous to be off it as dreading the pain I had 3 years ago! So let's see how we go.x

  • I will only miss 1 week. I've been on mtx for about 20 month's and have skipped twice before, and once again only 1 week at a time. Its always ended up that I flared. I'm hoping as my disease is now nanaged, I will not flare!

    Cheers Joanne x

  • Hope you feel better soon Joanne, hate having cold its the worst!

  • Thanks, Joanne x

  • Hi Joanne,

    I do hope that you're soon feeling better - it's amazing that something as insignificant as a cold still floors us. I dread the advent of the cold season, that cotton-wool head, snotty nose, tickly cough package of misery:-( There seems to be a lot of it around at the moment - my joints always react to anything that causes me to spike a fever.

    So pajamas, hot water bottle and the sofa for you young lady!

    Cece x

  • Hi Cece

    I'm the same and I also hate colds because they bring out the ra more and you end up fighting both infection & ease. Arhhhhh

    Let's hope I don't have anymore before spring.

    Cheers Joanne x

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