Still poorly : (

I am still coughing loads and stuffs coming up and dont feel myself, my muscles ache like when your coming down with the flu, my legs are weak and i dont have an ounce of energy. I have had a full course of antibiotics that i finshed yesterday. Im thinking tho if im not better by this tuesday coming will i be able to have my 2nd rituximab infusion? x

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Gwen don't wait until tuesday go back to the doctors today,you are clearly still quite poorly and you need help. I know if your on a/biotics you won't be able to have infusion,but you need to be well first.

You take care, love sylvi.xx


Oh no, poor you Gwen!

I agree with Sylvi, you should go to docs today.

Cathie couldn't have her infusion this week (I think its rituximab) because she was still recovering from a bug.

Thats so unfair, only after your first infusion though :(

Hope you feel better soon x


Been back to the docs this afternoon and theyve given me the same antibiotics for another 5 days :( lots of rest for me it is then. Thanks for the get well wishes xx


how are u feeling now, any better Axx


Thats good, hope you've got your feet up :) x


I think it's highly unlikely that they'll give it to you if you're still showing symptoms and on antibiotics.youd do well to phone before you go in and they'll probably give you an appointment straight away. That's what they told me to do. I've got to wait until end of month so I'm trying to take things easy.

I hope you feel better soon



I agree with Cathie, Gwen. I was on Remicade and they told me not to go to the unit as they had poorly "immuno supressed " people here!!! I think i know that!! But they wouldn't give me infusions till the infection was gone and off the antibiotics cos it would make it harder for my body to fight the infection. Hope you feel better soon.Axx


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