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Hi Im Margaret, Im 65yrs old and I now have bone on bone knee arthritis. I find it hard to walk and now have a limp. its making me feel very old. i got a cortosone injection last week into the knee but so far nothing has changed. Hopefull with time, the surgeon said about 6 weeks, so I have to wait.I am new to this post and was wondering what you all think of knee replacements and if any of you have had one or a bad experience with one.

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  • Hi Margaret,

    I believe that cortisone injections can be very effective, I've got no experience of knee replacements but I'm sure others on this site will give you advise. Thinking of you and hoping all goes well for you and you feel better and younger soon


  • Thank Michele for your words of encouragement,Great to have someone who understands,


  • Cortisone injections into the joint can be very effective but everybody reacts differently and depends on what they believe is wrong with the joint. I had a knee replacement last year at 48 and best thing for me although I was 6 weeks on crutches due to a fracture when they put the replacement in. My physio could only be non-weight bearing for 6 weeks but I still had a good outcome. Farm

  • Hi Margaret, I have had my right knee done and all is good still get some little pains but much better. I found the cortisone injections did not work for me. Have you tried frozen peas and your leg up. Don't really think a lot will help till you have your Op. Sorry not much help i am on waiting list for my left knee done. Hope all will go well for you, understand how much pain your in. xx

  • Hi Blueboy, Thank you for your words of incouragement, and yes i will think of TKR later on but my surgeon wont do anything now. xxx to you too

  • Hi can i ask why your surgeon won't do this for you. If it gets rid of pain and gives you quality of life. can you ask for 2 opinion. It would be so much better for you. xx

  • Thanks for your reply but in Ireland they do things differently. i am not bad enough yet for the surgeon to do the TKR yet only in pain when walking. i have had a cortosone injection a week ago and i have another five weeks to see if it works. i guess i am worried about all that go wrong with a knee replacement which my surgeon did tell me so that will be the last resort.

    Thanks a mill

  • Hi, I had 2 knee replacements this year-one in January and July-the best thing that ever happen to me.I have been house bound for the past 2 years waiting to get this done.I am only 54-had to stop working 3 years ago because of my knees-yes there is a little discomfort-but if you keep moving and do the excersises-a couple of rough weeks is worth it-I had 2 within 6 months of each other-So Worth It!!! I have my life back-Thanks to my Wonderful Orthopedic Surgeon.

  • Hi there, great news for you and encouraging for me. I will certainly think of TKR later on my surgeon wont think about that yet,


  • Cortisone injections had no effect. However had T N R on the right side and was the best thing i've ever had done. I couldn't believe i struggled for so long. That was 10 years ago. You won't know yourself. Good luck with the op. Thinking of you xxxx

  • Hi cloudTreeDrive13, thank you so much for your encouraging email. I will certainly think of getting TKR later on but at the moment my surgeon is against it, as there are alot of things that can go wrong, and I need to lose more weight. So pleased to hear that your op was a success.

    Thanks a million,

    Regards Margaret

  • I have bad knees, at the moment I am in great pain when walking any more than just around the house. In the past I have had my knees drained, as they swell up massively, and had steroid injections, this has always brought immediate relief to me, but rarely lasts very long. I am having a knee replacement in just over a week, and will be glad to have it now, the pain this week has been a menace.


    Hope your op went well the best of luck with it. Keep in ttouch and let me know how you are after it. Is it been done with an epidural In ireland they do that.

    Take care now


  • Hi Magster,

    Thanks for your reply, well I was left saddened on Monday last when a nurse phoned me and told me that my operation was put on hold as I had an infection and that has to be sorted before they can do the op. Will be in October now, back down the list. They lost my first blood tests etc, and had they not it could have gone ahead, but the delay in losing them and getting the treatment has made me lose my date, which should have been next Tuesday. I am sad but over it now. I think they use an epidural here too. Your take care too.

  • Had a knee replacement four years ago now awaiting a hip replacement, falling to bits slowly lol

  • Just a quick update, knee replacement was done 8 weeks ago. So glad that I had it done, home and managed perfectly well on my own within 4 days. No more pain in that knee and it has been wonderful. They discharged me from physio early. Probably have to get my other one done eventually, but I am so happy with this new knee. My surgeon completed the replacement knee in 50 minutes, then back to my bed for a cuppa. They don't want to see me again for a year. I had what they called a spinal block, which I guess is an epidural and there must have been something else in the mask they put on me, as I was pleasantly comfortable all the way through it. Glad to have had it done.

  • Brillant news Chalmers so glad that your operation was a success. I love to hear those stories. I am a few stone overweight so I am a little nervous about that and will have to lose weight, as I heard that its important. Your are great to have got over the op so quickly and imagine pain free. you take care Mags

  • Hi I had simultaneous bilateral hip replacements in February 3015 and simultaneous bilateral knee replacements in the July of same year. Both operations were very successful. Having both hips done together was fine and I was moving around well a few days later. Having both knees done together was much more difficult, I have to admit . Physio was so painful at times and it was rough going for about 4 weeks after the op. However, I can honestly Say that I'm glad I had them done together as I am almost positive if they had only done one - I would never have gone back to have the other done!

    Worth it though as the quality of life is vastly improved so best of luck to anyone going forward with either of these surgeries.

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