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Knee bursitis

Knee bursitis

Morning everyone, nice to see some sunshine for a change.

I haven't been on here for a while hope you are all plodding on ok.

Just wanted your usual helpful advice if anyone has had this problem please.

I fell in November, got my foot caught in the handle of a bag and fell heavily on both knees. A bit of football language was to be heard and I behaved like a premiership footballer. Anyway both knees immediately swelled like balloons and purple bruising. We went away on holiday the following day.

Cut a long story short at first it was thought I had a fracture in the right knee put in a brace. Returned home fracture clinic Dr said no fracture soft tissue go to physio.

I have been having hydro weekly since December. Physio could not examine it properly due to swelling , it is still swollen will not straighten or bend more than 75 % now. Cannot walk unaided and at times I could cry with the pain. It feels like kneeling on sharp shards of glass. Rheumatologist did a MRI and he said lots of inflammation and some fluid but outside the joint. The pain is from the inflammation. He does not want to inject it because of infection risk, take it easy it should settle carry on with hydro.

I am getting scared I will not be able to walk unaided again. It is interfering with my life so much and I hate being dependant.

G.p is good he referred me to orthopaedic surgeon but the referral process is crazy. Apparently the letter has been triaged and I have to see a physio first although I have been going weekly since Dec and they will decide if I need to see a Consultant. Oh an the appointment is 2 months away. Meanwhile the right knee is 2 inches bigger than the left and I can only get jogging bottoms over it. I had to loan a mobility scooter to get around the NEC for crufts a couple of weeks ago. I think that is what got to me and upset me more. I cannot manage shopping alone or taking the dogs out or even to drive.

Has anyone else had what they sometimes call bursitis in the knee ? How was it treated and did it settle down on its own.

My joints have been good since I started on the new JAKS inhibitors which makes it more frustrating.

My boy dog has qualified as a therapy dog and I desperately want to start volunteering with him.

Thank you


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Sorry about your knee: sounds an absolute nightmare. Just wanted to say what a sweet dog and lovely thing to do: therapy dog ๐Ÿ˜€


Thank you he is a sweetie and will be wonderful x


Hi moomie , not the same but i have bursitis in my left hip. It flares up every so often, i have had Physio which unfortunately made little difference and ive had a number of steroid injections which do help . I was also prescribed naproxen and other anti inflammatories but I couldnโ€™t tolerate them . I hope things do settle down for you as it is very painful, best wishes ๐Ÿ’๐Ÿ’


Thank you,hope yours settles. I had trochanteric bursitis many years ago I know how bad that it. Injections helped me initially I was on naproxen and still am. Eventually I has surgery to release pressure on the bursa. It helped with movement and initially the pain but it did return. That's when I was referred or agreed to go to rheumatology. When I was put on Dmards for the RA it did help and settled down.. That's why I cannot understand why it is not settling down, on mtx 25mg baricitinab and naproxen. Expect patience I suppose.

Thank you

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Poor you, I donโ€™t know the answer sorry but hope all improves. This time last year I felt equally bleak when I had to use a mobility scooter and like you I was wondering if that was it. So I send you my sympathy and encouragement. I am not on the scooter now though so things can and do change. It is so hard being patient and needing help.

Gorgeous dog!

Ours is having very short walks from me at the moment due to sore feet (mine not the dogโ€™s) so I feel guilty about what a boring life he is having (caused by the RA).


Thank you for your words of understandng and encouragement. It feels better to put down your inner fears and someone to understand , I have not told anyone else just keep laughing and saying OH it's ok , like you do.

Dogs are really understanding and accepting. Keegan would just sit with me all day bless him.

We have been going to fun dog shows some weekends so he meets other dogs struts his stuff and does tricks. This mentally tires him. I also try to tech him new tricks in the house to give him mental stimulation.

Thank you I hope things are good for you at the moment.

Moonie x


Hi moomie ,OMG he is a beautiful boy๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜,well I have bursitis in my hip and I also think in my right knee ,my kitchen got flooded in December and a I went kneel and the pain was horrendous ,it was like when the front of the knee was pressed something was being squeezed out the side and it was stinging,awful pain .Anyway I had injection in January and then an MRI,just awaiting results,but I know how much it keeps you back ,but I'm certain that's what it is .If the doctor gives me another itis I'll scream ๐Ÿ˜ฑ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚


Bless you you do lose track of all the add ons hope you get positive results and the injection is helping. I don'understand why he wouldn't inject mine. He was worried in case I had an infection maybe why. No way could I kneel there is not much movement in my knee know. I have hydro again on Tuesday so will ask her thoughts. She is very good and concerned that it will not straighten. She did try to manipulate it last week. It straight away reacted had more pain and it became tight in the water , needless to say more swelling.

Thank you for your comments about my boy , he is such a softy and a darling . He specialises in giving cuddles ๐Ÿ˜

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I feel for you. I have had both knees replaced so find it impossible to kneel anyway if I do it feels like Iโ€™m kneeling on shards of glass. In January I went flying resulting in me landing on my left knee. I ended up with massive bruising all down my leg that has taken nearly 7 weeks to go. However what was my good knee now remains painful and slightly swollen. I have now made a Doctors appointment which as usual I have a months wait for.

Referrals seem to take forever these days but will hopefully be worth the wait for you as you may finally get some answers. I hope once the physio sees you it will fast track an appointment with a consultant. It does seem daft and a waste of time that the physio you are seeing now canโ€™t do the report. I hope you finally get the treatment you need and your knee feels better soon. Keep us updated as to how you get on.


Thank you for your words of wisdom. I am sorry you are going through the mill too. It makes me feel better that I am not weired with the glass feeling.

It is really getting me down and I feel sorry for myself angry confused and scared.

I have a physio appointment now brought forward to the 16th April. Will go along and see what they say. Been for my hydrotherapy today. It does feel easier and more movement when I get out. Physio cannot do much because it flares it up if she tries to stretch it or bend too much. She just said careful not to walk too much on it while it is so swollen. And don't give up just yet. Don't no if that scared me more.

Believe it or not I still have bruising on my knee.

Anyway thank you and I do hope your knee is ok.

Best wishes Moomie xx


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