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Knee has anybody had a knee cap replacement done I mean just the knee cap,as I think that's what my consultant has planned for me next the steriod injection I had last tues hasn't made any difference at all still in sever pain with left knee I'm dreading going back to see him next mon as I don't want him to put it off again surely we have exhausted every avenue now feeling very frustrated and fed up

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Hi, my husband ha had a total knee replacement,and his surgeon would have nothing to do with just knee cap replacements sorry can't remember his reasoning for that now, but if you get the chance have the total replacement, my hubby hasn't looked back, from being a virtual cripple he is now able to do almost anything (except kneel on that knee) he had to put up with a bit of pain afterwards, but struggled through all the excersizes and it was worth it he has no pain at all now. Don't know if this will help you at all, but good luck with whichever way you go. Jill B.

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Knee thanxs ever soo I will keep u updated x


Sorry I meant knee replacement. To early haha. X


Definitely a replacement job, I have had both done and both after steroids stopped working. Get and x-ray of the knee but also the hip. It was my hip that was worse than the knee with no pain! I had both hip and knee done within 3 mths of each other. I am now recovering from a Femur fracture. I had pain in the leg for 12 mths before they x rayed the leg and found the fracture!! Insist on x-rays is my advice, Hope it goes well.


So sorry to hear you are having so much pain. My colleague has just had her knee cap replaced and she has recovered very well. Good luck when you see your consultant next week. X


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