Season of colds

I've just had my first dose of cimzia this week and I felt a lot better, though it's wearing off now. Everyone around me is spluttering and sneezing and I'm afraid I'm going to catch their colds. Pd off about it. Do those of you who regularly take cimzia stop it if you've a cold?

It's like getting a glimpse of what might be better and having it denied.

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  • Hi

    Glad you have an encouraging start with cimzia. I find that Enbrel does not last the week ..... Even after 5 months and trying not to be discouraged.

    With all the germs around I Was told/advised to have flu jab which I have had but unfortunately have had a bit of a flare on the side I have had the jab! I couldn't make it up!

    Guess it kind of makes sense as the BIOLOGICS lower our immune system and I guess the flu jab stimulates it so I keep visualising a battle going on within me! Wish I had asked if there was a good day to do the flu jab ..... I had it on the same day as the ENBREL! Looking back I think I was really daft.....

    I went to the post office this week and the assistant sneezed and I shot back from the counter with such speed she looked as alarmed as me. On the plus side it was encouraging that I could move that fast!!!!! Haven't moved like that for the last three years! The ENBREL has obviously done more than I realised!

    Really hope cimzia works for you and gets the flares under control.

    Take care out there!

  • Do you take anything with enbrel? When I was on infliximab I took methotrexate and it really made a difference

  • lol your post gave me a bit of a chuckle. I'm not on a biologic yet, just DMARDS but I aslo so such things. I hold my breath and push my grocery cart really fast past coughing children who don't cover their mouths. when I'm in a mall shopping I do a quick about- face when nearing anyone hacking. The worste is when I'm in an elevator with a coughers. I hold my breath and pray the door opens on my floor before I pass out from lack of oxygen. Most colds are viral but I have had the bad luck of catching several bacterial lung infections, every time I go on an anti- biotic I have to stop taking my DMARDS.

  • Oh yes I know that well. Though I seem to resist colds as well as the rest of the family. Keep cold free!

  • Yes, birthday girl, I feel horrible being unpleasant to people with colds but it's all relative isn't it. I've got a flu jab appointment next week and don't want cold to stop that!

    Hope enbrel keeps doing it for you

  • Thanks for the kind thought. I have already gone through the MTX and Hydroxychloroquine route and failed to tolerate either or see any real impact on the RD or the palindromic pain.

    Currently tapering Steroids ... Which I have been on for too long and as you know is not easy .....and on sulphasalazine. I can say that Enbrel has worked very well in reducing swelling and has improved mobility as well as getting the Palindromic pain under control but it still doesn't seem to keep me mobile the whole week between injections.

    When we try these medications it is hard to be patient for a quick result but as we all know from this very friendly and informative forum that is not the way it goes.

    Keep well and away from all those germ bags out there! Flu jab soon ......

    Really wish you well with your new friend Cimzia.

  • Thanks for the kind thoughts. Tapering steroids was one of the worst things I had to do. And given the special characteristics of RA it was hard to see what was what as I came off them. Now that's in the past and my new rheumy is happy to keep me off them thank goodness.

    Hope all goes well for you over the weekend


  • I agree it is a really bumpy road coming off steroids and you end up not knowing what is causing what. It is also so slow!!!! Just about managing 1mg a month and my pharmacist told me to reduce really slowly now by 0.5mg! every few weeks as the difficult bit is from 5mg. Personally I think it is all difficult. Hoping the Rheumy will have a plan when I go to see him soon but me thinks it is wishful thinking.

    Take care.

  • I do sympathise with Birthdaygirl - I'm doing the same at the moment as I really don't like being reliant on steroids to control my disease. The Rheumy seems so casual about it and seems happy for me to stay on a maintenance dose and double it every time I have a flare - then I have to spend ages coming down the doses again!

    I'm currently trying to come down from 5mg at half a milligram every four weeks, but, like you, there are so many symptoms - like my blood pressure suddenly dropping and I have to lie down - aches and pains that make you think - is it a flare starting? is it this is it that... I just try all the time to turn the negative thoughts into positive.

  • I found steroids played havoc with my blood sugar levels- I have type 2 diabetes. So that was another reason to come off them. Positive thoughts are good

  • I keep in a supply of vitamin c with zinc and if I feel I have been in contact with cold germs I take them. I also carry around those little bottles of alcohol hand wash and regularly wash my hands with it if I have been in public places where I may have touched something carrying germs. Saying all that, I have had colds since I have been on Enbrel and they haven't been any worse than before I was on it. I think one only needs to worry about secondary infections from the cold.... spreading to the chest etc. In that case contact GP and maybe go on antibiotics. I think it is important to eat well. plenty of fresh fruit and veg, get daily exercise by walking in the fresh air, a good night's sleep etc to keep the immune system healthy.

  • Do you stop enbrel if you have a cold? I'm usually better at resisting them but who knows...

  • Do you stop enbrel if you have a cold? I'm usually better at resisting them but who knows...

  • Hi Cathie , I am on cimzia at the moment although hoping to try something different soon as it's not helping. the problem with things like cimzia is that you can't stop taking it so easily , I had my usual jab and then a couple of days later my step daughter has a cold , I got really neurotic and tried to stay out of her way but it didn't work and now I'm suffering , she was over it in a couple of days but I'm still coughing away , being in between doses it is not possible to stop taking it if you see what I mean , if I had some sort of secondary infection I think I would avoid the next dose , not sure it would make a lot of difference with a cold , but check if you're unsure. x

  • thanks Julie. Its interesting to hear how people manage. I used to be on infliximab which was an infusion in hospital, and they would have withheld it if I'd had a cold. So cimzia is easier even if they do leave you with quite a bit of freedom as to what to do. I found that I needed methotrexate + infliximab for it to work really well. Hope you do well on whatever you take next!

  • I must say when I was on Enbril I never caught the cold once, even though my wife and kids had iT, I also came into contact with loads of people who had the cold and never got it, I have heard from a few people that there cold fighting abilities seemed better when on an anti TNF. It might also be worth noting that I was told by my Rheumy that it's only people with infection that you really need to be aware of, because if I caught a cold I would not come off my anti TNF, but I may get an anti biotic as a precaution only if I got an infection would I come of it and a cold isn'T an infection as we know...I think we all freak out a little too easy to be honest when on these drugs..anyway I start Cimzia Thursday coming as you know Crathie, and I'm hoping for the best as I'm not doing great at minute having been off everything for over 5 weeks now, LFT's don't seem to be sorting themselves, which is a worry x

  • I've been better this week Iain! Just a little but more than I was on Enbril. I still have aches and pains in places I didn't have before like my shoulders, but everyone says that my voice is different and I seen to find it easier to do things. Went to an art exhibition this morning at the Fruitmarket by Waverly and I managed to get round it with just one sit down. So I really hope Cimzia does something for you - and for us both!


  • P's Cathie, when you say it's wearing off, can you really feel that? And what's it like?..I don't know because I never felt it wearing off towards end of week with Enbril x

  • Dont forget Iain that you have to wait two weeks, so psychologically I'm expecting it. What I mean by the wearing off is that my hands have started to become inflamed again although that seems to be first thing - by early afternoon they seem better. I had a not brilliant day yesterday but feel more vital and positive today. I might have been feeling a bit negative - with my husband staggering around erupting his cold everywhere! - I am sympathetic to him honest !!

  • Oh yeah so you do, good that it's worked straight away though and better than Enbril for you, that's excellent :) I hope by your voice changing it means you are singing your words because of less pain :)..which is great news, Thursday can't come quick enough, I'm literally in bits with this flair up, but over 5 weeks with no mess will do that, hoping for good results x

  • Funny but my physio (who looks after the Scottish Rugby team) said I should sing my words too. I'm sorry about the flare Iain. That's horrible to have to deal with. I really hope that Cimzia helps. I realised it was doing something when I realised I hadn't taken pain killers for a couple of days...

    Hope you're receiving this as encouragement. The only thing I could find to deal with the pain before, was something to distract me. Sometimes it would be telly, or chocolates or friends coming round. I hope you can get through the next few days.


  • Hi I've been on Cimzia before retuximab and now enbrel. My rheumy said to me that you only miss a dose if you're on antibiotics and that you may need to have a longer course than you would regularly. I'd say if you do get a cold (touch wood you won't) and you're worried maybe ask your practice nurse to have a quick listen to your chest and check your ears. It's an infection from the cold that causes the problems. I also carry the hand sanitizer especially at this time of year. Can't be too careful I say.

    Regards the Cimzia wearing off I had that experience when on it and now with Enbril (enbrel embral? whatever it is lol) I feel about two days before it's getting time for the injection.

    Hope you manage to steer clear of any coughs and colds this wintertime :) xxx

  • Thanks giggle

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